Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five Quick Tips for Dominance in DC Universe Online

If you've just logged into DC Universe Online for the first time, you're probably wondering what it will take to be the best on your server. There are already a handful of players out there ganking the newbies and showing off their Tier 2 gear – when can you join them and show off your skills and prowess in online gaming? Here are a few tips that will help you get there much faster.

1. Stick with Damage Until Level 30

If you plan on changing your role and loadout eventually, wait until you start grouping up (and for end game content). Yes, it will cost you some money to change it in your League headquarters but it's worth the investment because you'll level up so much faster by maintaining damage throughout. You can stay alive with defence or control and healing will make you very popular in groups, but you will level slower and get fewer rewards for your time investment.

2. Get As Much Money As Possible

Make sure you snag all the money and item drops that come from the mobs you kill, but also make sure you trade with other players liberally and sell off any vendor trash as soon as possible. At first it won't matter too much but eventually all that money will be necessary to jump ahead in the game and maintain your damage levels.

3. Practice in Legends Starting at Level 8

Legends open up when you complete a handful of mission chains early in the game. They are optional of course, but if you plan on playing PvP at any point in the game, you should start practicing immediately. They will not only show you how to play with higher level characters, you'll have a blast showing off with your favourite DC icons.

4. Create a League Immediately

The easiest way to get ahead in any MMO (especially DCU Online) is by setting up a League and getting a good collection of characters together that can help each other. PUGs are fun, but they are usually disorganized and frustrating as you can't get anyone on the same page. So, having a league with players who know what the others want and can communicate via chat is a good start.

5. Create at Least Two Characters

It's good to have multiple characters to you can play different aspects of the game. This can mean one hero and one villain or two of one faction or even a trading alt so you can easily move items in the game's economy without having to waste time running back and forth as your main character.

Playing in DC Universe Online is a chance of a lifetime to take on the role of a superhero or villain in an iconic world. To make sure you rise to the top of that world, be smart and work toward a common goal with fellow players you can count on. You'll get there in no time.


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