Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free Electricity

Nikola Tesla did create several electrical items but his Free Electricity dream was always in his mind. In 1901 he started to work on a global giant towers structure that could transmit information, but they could transmit electricity as well. He did create a 200 foot tower construction that did become his experiment tower, at Shoreham, Long Island. However his trouble was to gain further support from Morgan, but for this support he had to unveil more information. This warned Morgan that Tesla was created for EnergyByTesla, so in 1906 he extracted his funds. For a top banker, this idea was not a profitable business. He also did talk to other bankers, telling them not to invest in this business. This situation was very bad almost impossible, and Tesla had to focus on inventions that could bring more money. After a while, his laboratory was burned to the ground, and with it, all his dreams of free electricity for the population. One hundred years ago it was the dream. In our days this dream it is a reality. So many people are building their personal Magnetic Energy generators. Thanks' to this system they have free electrical energy in their homes.


Scientist made a lot of electrical wonders however his dream of Free Electricity for everybody was in his mind. At 1901 he started to work on the global system of the giant towers, which can relay news & information, however they can as well relay electricity. He then built 200 foot tower to become test tower, in Shoreham, Long Island. However, his main problem was, to get the further funding from Morgan, and he disclosed more of information than he wished to and this alerted Morgan where Tesla was to head with the free electricity for masses, as well as in 1906 he withdrew all his funding.

For top financier, idea of many getting totally free electricity was nightmare. It is thought he spoke to some other financiers, and telling them of the Tesla's idea, as well as advising not to invest either. Tesla found himself in impossible position, as well as need to concentrate on the inventions for that he can be paid. And not much later, and his laboratory was then burnt to ground, and all along with that, his dreams of the free electricity to masses and human's dreams of the free power as well.

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