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Budget bill passes after 22-hour voting marathon
Globe and Mail
Members of Parliament completed a marathon voting session Thursday night on the Conservative government's budget bill, voting on hundreds of amendments ...
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Globe and Mail
Rubio excites conservatives at Faith and Freedom Conference
Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican who's often mentioned as a possible vice-presidential running mate, was received warmly by a crowd of influential ...
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Greek Conservatives Sound Old and Tired Ahead of Sunday's Vote
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Greek conservative New Democracy leader and potential prime minister Antonis Samaras is facing the biggest challenge of his political career ahead of general ...
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Wall Street Journal (blog)
British Prime Minister David Cameron testifies at media ethics inquiry
Washington Post
The opposition Labor Party has argued that the Conservatives helped smooth the way for the bid in exchange for favorable coverage in Murdoch newspapers.
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For Romney and social conservatives, an uneasy embrace
CBS News
Faith & Freedom Conference speakers have made peace with the presumptive GOP nominee - but enthusiasm is another story Read more by Brian Montopoli ...
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CBS News
Cameron: UK press regulation must be improved
In his testimony, Cameron spelled out his media strategy when he became Conservative Party leader, saying he tried to "win back" newspapers that had ...
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Highlights: Britain's Cameron testifies over Murdoch links
Chicago Tribune
Lead counsel Robert Jay said Rebekah Brooks sent a text message to Cameron on October 7, 2009, on the eve of Cameron's speech to the Conservative Party ...
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Being Gay and Conservative: Not That Hard To Fathom
Huffington Post
Persons from every corner are astonished when I explain my conservative Christian opinions and my viewpoints as an individual of the LGBT community -- after ...
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'Night owl' Tories methodically thwart opposition attempts to alter ...
Globe and Mail
MPs are still at it Thursday morning, with the Conservative majority methodically voting down 871 opposition motions – grouped into 159 voteable packages ...
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Globe and Mail
Cameron Faces Toughest Grilling of Premiership at Media Probe
Bloomberg Businessweek
Two former prime ministers, Labour's Gordon Brown and the Conservative John ... Brown denied that, saying the Conservatives had been given the support of ...
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Why Conservatives' Favorite New Study on Gay Parenting Won't ...
By Adam Serwer
The new study, which was funded by conservative groups such as the Witherspoon Institute and the Bradley Foundation, has drawn national media attention because it was performed by Mark Regnerus, a sociology professor at the University ...
MoJo Articles | Mother Jones
Wordie Wars: Who gives better Tweet, conservatives or liberals?
By Jo Piazza
By Jo Piazza / / @jopiazza. Conservatives and liberals went head to head Wednesday in a Twitter war defining their ideologies. Both the hash tags #Liberalismin4Words and #Conservatismin4Words started trending yesterday and ...
Kathie McClure: Supreme Court Conservatives: Clueless, Callous ...
By Kathie McClure
The Court's conservative justices portrayed the ACA's individual mandate as coercing Americans to buy insurance they don't want or need. So who are the victims of the individual mandate? Why must the Supreme Court protect them from this ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed
Words Conservatives Hate : Climate Desk
By Garance Franke-Ruta, The Atlantic
Bisexual sustainable development activists working to prevent climate change-related sea-level rise better watch out: Just about all the preceding words have been flagged by conservatives and Republicans as liberal buzzwords that need to ...
Climate Desk

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