Friday, June 22, 2012

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Views shift little after Obama backs gay marriage
San Francisco Chronicle
Obama announced his reversal and risked turning off some conservative, moderate and independent voters across the nation and in states like Virginia and ...
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San Francisco Chronicle
Conservatives and Rock and Roll
Daily Beast
A final and brief end-of-week thought. You may by now have read Jeff Goldberg's very entertaining piece about going to a Springsteen concert with New Jersey ...
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Conservatives still don't seem to get that they didn't win (blog)
I like Michael Gove. He's clearly extremely intelligent, hard-working and capable - more so than his colleagues in the Cabinet - of making serious refo.
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Abraham Lincoln, Conservative Hunter
Charleston City Paper
There is no way that the Heritage Not Hate crowd is going to let Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's brand of Southland bashing stand without firing off a few Fort ...
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Self-Plagiarism On Conservatives And Health Care
First Things (blog)
As with SOPA, the fact that a large number of Republican lawmakers in 1993 backed an individual mandate doesn't necessarily mean (alas) that they had ...
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Aggie Conservatives Sue Texas A&M Bosses
Courthouse News Service
HOUSTON (CN) - Texas Aggie Conservatives sued top officials at Texas A&M University, claiming the school violated its rights by refusing to supply funding for ...
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Courthouse News Service
Tories accused of trampling Parliament for their agenda
The Conservative government wrapped up a bruising spring sitting of Parliament by channelling Larry the Cable Guy and his bulldozer, blue-collar ethic: "Git 'er ...
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Why Conservative Mark Regnerus' Anti-Gay Marriage Study is Flawed
Opposing Views
Numerous Christian conservatives, including Focus on the Family, have been quoting Mark Regnerus, a professor at University of Texas at Austin, who recently ...
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FreedomWorks' Kibbe: Congress Needs More 'Responsive ...
The nation s votes need to elect more conservatives that are responsive to the people, Matt Kibbe, president and CEO of FreedomWorks, told Newsmax.TV.
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Bill Maher's New Rule To Conservatives: 'You Act Exactly Like 14 ...
By Josh Feldman
If there's one thing our society needs more of, it's teenagers speaking out on political issues. Bill Maher, in his final New Rule of the night, pointed to two instances where conservatives went through teenage vessels to spread their message ...
Why conservatives applaud the John Edwards not guilty verdict ...
By Mike gamecock DeVine (Diary)
Why conservatives applaud the John Edwards not guilty verdict Most campaign finance laws, other than those requiring disclosure of campaign.
gamecock's blog

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