Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Conservative senator asks that attendance rules be reviewed
The government leader in the Senate has asked the Internal Economy Committee in the Senate to look into the rules surrounding attendance, days after one of her own lashed out at a journalist for publishing a story showing he had the poorest attendance ...
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UK's Cameron attempts to woo eurosceptics on referendum
LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron has raised the prospect of a possible referendum on Britain's future relationship with the European Union, potentially threatening trade with the bloc and opening up another front against the ...
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Conservative anger growing over Obamacare decision
Washington Examiner
I ran into a prominent conservative member of Congress Friday night just before the huge storms moved through Washington. He was, he said, far angrier on the day after the Supreme Court Obamacare decision than he had been the moment he learned ...
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Supreme Court health ruling spurs conservatives to act
Washington Times
Still reeling from Thursday's Supreme Court decision, conservatives gathered Saturday to lick their wounds, shake their fists and vow to strike back in November at the annual Western Conservative Summit.
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Washington Times
Roberts Now an Enigma to Conservatives
Praised by former President George W. Bush at the time of his Senate confirmation Sept. 22, 2005 as potentially the greatest Supreme Court Chief Justice of all.
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Three court decisions — one conservative concern
Silver City Sun News
Three recent Supreme Court decisions likely have conservatives wondering whether the Court is as conservative as they had hoped and believed it to be and what its conservatism means. I am not sure that I understand its conservatism, but I am sure that ...
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No solace for conservatives and libertarians in Chief Justice Roberts
By Mark in Spokane
I also missed that Anthony Kennedy would side with the conservatives on the Court, rather than with the liberals. This was completely unanticipated by most Court-watchers, and I didn't see it coming at all. I was sure that a vote to uphold the ...
Libertas et Memoria

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Do Not Lose Hope Conservatives | RedState
Put not your trust in judges—nor in other berobed or bejeweled personages. To the degree you trust anyone: Trust the people.

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