Sunday, June 24, 2012

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Big Dem lies
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The various letters the VND has published regarding voter fraud have been entertaining. Interestingly, I cannot cash a check at my local bank without showing ...
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Reader Letter: Who is being intolerant here?
Kingman Daily Miner
Lori Gabriel-Dane is apparently the face of the Mohave Democrat Party. Frankly, I'm sick of her lies and despicable accusations. Thursday's dishonest letter is ...
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Cash Rules at Romney Retreat While Condoleezza Rice Steals the ...
ABC News (blog)
I was a Democrat for years, but I love this country. And as the years went by I just could no longer tolerate all of the lying and deceit by my Party. The leaders just ...
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ABC News (blog)
Obamacare's IPAB looks like 'death panel'
Herald Zeitung
To those ostriches with their heads in the sand who still believe in all the lies of the Marxists in the Democrat Party, I tell you this: The danger is real, and is right ...
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