Sunday, June 24, 2012

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USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Latinos strongly backing Obama
Hispanic voters solidly back Obama, but a generational shift could create openings for the GOP in the future.
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Economic malaise the challenge for women in Arab Spring-swept ...
The National
Gallup Poll finds that stability and security issues, and not the rise of Islamist ... The study, released today, reveals women share similar political outlooks as men ...
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'Who I Am': NYC Council Speaker On Politics, Faith
'Who I Am': N.Y.C. Council Speaker On Politics, Faith ... growing more and more frustrated with the gridlock in Washington, D.C. In a Gallup poll out this month, ...
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A Muslim or Atheist President? Not Likely Says New Poll (blog)
A new Gallup poll reveals a Muslim or atheist-identifying potential POTUS is likely to ... Between now and the 2012 political conventions there will be discussion ...
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Gallup poll focusing on veterans shows the group favors one ...
(WDAY TV) -- A new Gallup poll focused on veterans, shows the group strongly favors one presidential ... Tags: news, politics, military, national, updates ...
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