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Ontario Liberals threaten election after NDP 'breaks its word'
National Post
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty threatened to take Ontario to a general election Thursday if the opposition parties couldn't agree on a deal to pass the budget.
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National Post
Ontario Liberals threaten election over budget
Ontario's minority Liberals are livid — even threatening an election after only eight months — after the opposition parties joined forces in committee to kill key ...
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Liberal leadership race needs runners
OTTAWA - The queue to lead the Liberal party stood empty Thursday. The exercise that followed Bob Rae's decision the day before to stand down from taking ...
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Talking Points: Who will lead the Liberals now?
Toronto Star
Interim leader Bob Rae says he won't seek the job on a permanent basis, calling it.
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Den Tandt: He's smart, he's talented — but Justin Trudeau is not ...
Through three election cycles, now, the Liberals have clung to their Biblical myth ... The internationally renowned author was in many respects a perfect Liberal ...
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Justin Trudeau not ready to lead Liberal Party of Canada
Montreal Gazette
Justin Trudeau should, after a suitable period of introspection, politely thank those who would have.
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Liberals lost in Quebec
The federal party faces plummeting membership in what was once its strongest province.
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Rae announces he will not pursue Liberal leadership
Bob Rae, who has spent a lifetime in politics and twice reached for the brass ring of the Liberal leadership,
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Matt Gurney: Dear next Liberal leader — Bob Rae apparently thinks ...
National Post
Mr. Rae is almost certainly correct to have reached the conclusion that while it's entirely possible that the Tories will lose the next election, the victory will then go ...
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National Post

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RealClearPolitics - Obama Listens to Rich Liberals, at His Own Peril
By Michael Barone, DC Examiner
Not Democratic politicians. We have it on good authority that he seldom talks to Democratic members of Congress. Lyndon Johnson used to be on the phone constantly, cajoling and inveigling but also on the alert for shifts in opinion. Speaker ...
RealClearPolitics - Homepage
Wordie Wars: Who gives better Tweet, conservatives or liberals?
By Jo Piazza / / @jopiazza. Conservatives and liberals went head to head Wednesday in a Twitter war defining their ideologies. Both the hash tags #Liberalismin4Words and #Conservatismin4Words started trending yesterday and ...
The Feed
Moonbattery » Liberals' Frankenstein Monster Continues to Run ...
By Dave Blount
The Frankenstein monster that liberals created by breeding a savage underclass through welfare and feeding it a steady diet of entitlement/victimhood ideology continues to rear its hideous head in the town that gave us Barack Hussein ...
Why Won't Liberals Vote For Mormons? - The Dish | By Andrew ...
By Andrew Sullivan
I think there's a a pretty major difference between being unwilling to support candidates of a certain religion for theological reasons and being opposed to them for political reasons. Evangelicals believe Mormons aren't true Christians, ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Social Scientists: Anti-Mormonism Rising among Liberals | Via Meadia
By Walter Russell Mead
A new study has confirmed what Via Meadia readers already know: as Mitt Romney's candidacy has progressed and his political star has risen, anti-Mormon sentiment among liberals has also increased. BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins reports: ...
Via Meadia

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