Friday, June 22, 2012

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As showdown with military looms, Egypt liberals back Muslim ...
Christian Science Monitor
The Egyptian military has offered the Muslim Brotherhood a choice: give us sweeping powers, or lose the presidency.
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Christian Science Monitor
NDP ahead of Tories in Canada-wide poll as Liberals struggle
The federal New Democratic Party has become the leading choice among Canadian voters — especially.
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Egypt liberals back Muslim Brotherhood's ultimatum
Alaska Dispatch
A coalition of non-Islamist leaders and revolutionaries announced their support for the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate today, overcoming a year ...
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Senior Liberals take up attack on police over senator's shoplifting ...
The Australian
MARY Jo Fisher has apologised for the distress caused to others by her mental illness as a political storm erupted over allegations that the ALP had interfered in ...
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Hair-raising Liberal leadership race
Toronto Sun
So the Liberals will choose a new leader in April 2013. What could go wrong?
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Liberals Still Cringing At Super PACs
Slate Magazine (blog)
As Dave noted in his piece on how Super PACs aren't helping to remake the Democratic Party the same way they are the GOP, many liberals just aren't ...
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Slate Magazine (blog)
Andrew Coyne: Martha Hall Findlay's attack on supply management ...
National Post
This is exactly the kind of bold break with the status quo the Liberal party needs to make.
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National Post
Liberal Israelis, its time to fight back
Liberal Israelis must replace timid political correctness with an attitude of civilized disdain, and expose the incoherence of a modern theocratic state.
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Liberal factional brawl looms for Mary Jo Fisher's Senate spot
The Australian
A FACTIONAL brawl is looming over the seat of retiring Liberal senator Mary Jo Fisher.
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By Glenn Reynolds
June 22, 2012. IT'S A TOPSY-TURVY WORLD: Why Are Liberals Defending Obama's Abuse of Executive Privilege? Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 4:32 pm. Tweet · RSS Feed · Podcast RSS Feed · Email Instapundit. Sic gorgiamus allos ...
Opinion: How Liberals Must Take Back the Dream - WNYC
By Justin Krebs
Progressives like to envision we are pushing forward a positive agenda, but we are increasingly finding ourselves in the position ...
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Liberals Whining About FOX News – The TV Show - IMAO
By Frank J.
Jake Tapper has a review of Aaron Sorkin's new show, The Newsroom, and it sounds pretty exciting. People just know something is wrong with the news, but Sorkin apparently gets to the heart of that problem: not enough criticism of the right.
Fox News' Alan Colmes Urges Readers To Thank The Liberals In ...
By Tommy Christopher
For all of us, I will say in advance: You're welcome. Hay House has announced that it will publish Thank The Liberals**For Saving America, the latest tome from liberal Fox News contributor and radio host Alan Colmes, on August 27. Thank ...
Liberals Turning on Obama after Executive Privilege - I Own The World
By Cardigan
I do not want to alarm you, but in the wake of President Obama's absurd announcement of executive privileges yesterday, some liberals came out against Mr. Obama's hypocrisy. Shockingly, some are showing that they have a conscience of ...

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