Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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The Liberal Embrace of Judicial Restraint
New York Times (blog)
No matter how they feel about Obamacare, conservatives should welcome the left's rejection of activist judges.
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New York Times (blog)
Liberals suddenly worried about the Supreme Court's legitimacy
Daily Caller
Listening to liberal pundits these days could leave a person believing that the Supreme Court is venturing into new and dangerous territory. Apparently, most ...
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BC Tories won't be 'seduced' by Liberals so easily, Cummins says
Globe and Mail
Conservative Leader calls Liberal convention a 'desperation move' to unite the centre-right around free enterprise issues.
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Globe and Mail
Brazeau apologizes after B-word gets him beaten up on Twitter
Brazeau, best known to Canadians for losing a boxing match to Liberal MP Justin ... in response to a spat between young Liberals last winter, and NDP MP Pat ...
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Quebec Liberal attack ad shows PQ's Marois banging pots at a protest
Quebec's embattled Liberals have launched a fresh attack ad intended to discredit Parti Quebecois leader.
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Clive Palmer backs Liberal Party coup
The Australian
BILLIONAIRE miner Clive Palmer backed a bid by Queensland Liberal National Party boss Bruce McIver to seize control of the federal Liberal Party, sparking ...
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The liberal war on the poor
Fox News
President Obama's policies, and lack thereof, have crushed the hopes of millions of poor Americans while changing their lives for the worse for years to come.
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Graeme Hamilton: Video of PQ leader Pauline Marois banging lids ...
National Post
MONTREAL — From the moment the video surfaced on Facebook showing Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois clumsily banging two pot lids together during ...
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National Post
Liberal-National tension over ALP preferences
ABC Online
The Liberal and National parties have accused each other of seeking a preference deal with Labor in the federal seat of Hume.
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Morning letters: Liberal media spins court's immigration decision
PLACENTIA, Rob Justus: There is a remarkable amount of 'spinsmanship' going on in the liberal community regarding Monday's Supreme Court decision on ...
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Liberals Might Be Mad if the Court Rules Against ObamaCare, but ...
By Peter Suderman
Over the weekend, progressive pundit Michael Tomasky set out his expectations for the Obama administration should all or part of the president's health care law be struck down by the Supreme Court. After admitting that there isn't much that ...
Hit & Run
Liberal Fix Radio Features Interview With Hot Liberals Administrator ...
Press Release: Last week's Liberal Fix Radio, a production of Bimrose Progressive Media featured an interview with the Jeanette Roman, the administrator of the popular Hot Liberals Facebook fan page and the website hotliberals.com.
SBWire - Latest Press Releases
Jewish Community Isn't Liberal: Anti-Defamation of Liberals | Right ...
By Ronn Torossian
The recent groundbreaking UJA poll on the Jewish community showed that 74% of all NYC Jewish Children are Orthodox, explosive growth in the Orthodox & Hasidic communities, and a dramatic decline in Jewish observance amongst reform ...
Right Wing News
Liberals Must Embrace Constitution to Save Legislative Measures ...
By jleaming@acslaw.org
Liberals Must Embrace Constitution to Save Legislative Measures and Landmark Reforms, Lazarus Writes. June 26, 2012. by Jeremy Leaming. The White House need not look far in placing blame if the Supreme Court issues an unfavorable ...
ACS Blog
Back to the future: The Trudeau Liberals? | iPolitics
By Colin Horgan
Near the end of the sitting, only a few hours after Liberal interim leader Bob Rae told reporters in a jocular press conference that he would not be seeking permanent leadership, Justin Trudeau emerged from the House of Commons to talk to ...

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