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Liberal leadership race gains new Trudeau tie as Deborah Coyne ...
National Post
OTTAWA — Liberals yearning for the glory days of Trudeaumania as they head into a leadership contest could face a choice between Pierre Trudeau's eldest ...
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National Post
Deborah Coyne enters Liberal leadership race
Globe and Mail
Mother of Pierre Trudeau's only daughter says she's running because she believes Canadians are fed up with polarizing partisanship.
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Globe and Mail
Liberal powerbroker offered to lobby for ABC
ABC Online
Clive Palmer says he's appalled by revelations that former Liberal senator Santo Santoro offered to lobby for the ABC if the Coalition wins power.
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Kevin Krueger to leave politics
Globe and Mail
The B.C. Liberal game plan for outflanking the B.C. Conservatives should include working around that party's leader and some bold measure to woo back ...
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Globe and Mail
Palmer hits out after Santoro lobbying revelation
ABC Online
The issue sparked a bitter spat between Mr Palmer and Tony Abbott and today the 'Australian' linked the issue to a push for the Liberal National Party president ...
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ABC Online
Next stop for liberals after SCOTUS: Medicare for All?
Washington Post (blog)
Other liberals aside from Rep. Welsh are beginning to coalesce around a long-term message that sets up Medicare for All as their ultimate goal — and they're ...
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Liberals dispute findings over political brochures
ABC Online
The Canberra Liberals are asking the Ombudsman to investigate, after an inquiry found they misused taxpayer funds on a political brochure.
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Liberals design tech for GOP candidates - Big data hits the hill ...
LIBERALS DESIGN GO-TO TECH FOR GOP CANDIDATES -- Steve Friess reports: A suite of easy-to-use campaign software designed by rock-ribbed ...
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Clive Palmer strikes back at Coalition
The Australian
"My loyalties are to Australia before the Liberal Party," said Mr Palmer, who has ... Senior Liberals, who would not be named, said they had been approached by ...
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Brian Hutchinson: BC Liberals are the clear winners in tentative deal ...
National Post
After 12 months of aggressive job action, lawsuits and a brief, bitter strike, the union representing British Columbia's 40000 public school teachers says it was ...
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National Post

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Western liberals are also enamored with the Ikhwan
By As'ad AbuKhalil
Western liberals are also enamored with the Ikhwan. Nu`man sent me this: "" The Muslim Brotherhood has long been portrayed as an extremist throwback. It is in reality an authentic mass movement, with broad social support and conservative ...
The Angry Arab News Service/وكال...
Joe. My. God.: Liberals Are Controlled By Satan!
By Joe
JMG: Blog Year Nine Gay culture, short stories, politics, and fabulous disco trivia. Follow JMG on Twitter! Facebook page. RSS Feed. Previous Posts. Wildfires Worsen In Colorado · BULGARIA: Orthodox Church Priest ...
Joe. My. God.
Khorafi awaits new Cabinet to convene 2009 Assembly – Liberals ...
By Kuwait Times
Kuwait's parliament speaker Jassem al-Khorafi, waves as he arrives at the National Assembly. KUWAIT: Speaker of the reinstated 2009 National Assembly Jassem Al-Khorafi said yesterday he is waiting for the formation of the new Cabinet to ...
Kuwait Times
House of Commons staff refuse to provide footage of Liberals' Nazi ...
By Daniel Dickin
Almost two weeks ago, Liberal MP's Wayne Easter and Hedy Fry were accused of throwing Nazi salutes in the direction of Prime Minister Harper during the 24-hour Opposition filibuster. As I promised, I have contacted the House of Commons ...
Daniel Dickin

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Fischer: Liberals Have Been Duped by Satan |
Last week we noted that Bryan Fischer's Bible study has taken him to the Book of Ephesians ...

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