Sunday, June 24, 2012

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It's Not Mitt Romney's Party
By Joan Walsh, Salon
Florida Gov. Rick Scott just keeps touting his state's improved economy, even after a Bloomberg report that Romney campaign officials asked him to stop it because it doesn't help make the presumptive GOP presidential nominee's case that ...
RealClearPolitics - Homepage
Mitt Romney, Jon Stewart, and the Non-Existant War on Job Creators
By Kim LaCapria
Mitt Romney has a habit of falling under the bus, not only for his delightfully out of touch with regular Americans ways, but also because of the line of work.
The Inquisitr
Mitt Romney tells voters: 'I feel your pain' | The Raw Story
By Paul Harris, The Observer
The voice was hoarse, but that was the only sign that Mitt Romney was nearing the end of a gruelling tour through the battleground states that will decide who wins the White House. Wearing jeans and with sleeves rolled up, the Republican ...
The Raw Story
6/23/2012 03:00:00 PM - Hullabaloo
By thereisnospoon
Mitt Romney creates a journalistic crisis by David Atkins Close followers of the presidential election on both sides know that Mitt Romney has waged a campaign of breathtaking mendacity. His Republican primary opponents and their ...
Daily Kos: Mitt Romney Is The Bully On The Bus
By (eXtina)
"Mitt Romney is capable of relaxing," he said. "The stiffness that people see is simply Mitt trying too hard." Ultimately, Christensen thinks Romney is trapped in a sort of Catch-22. He is clearly at pains trying to relate to an electorate that does not ...

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