Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Progressive candidates keep coming up short. Why?
Washington Post (blog)
THE FIX | So far, 2012 is not shaping up to be a great year for liberal House candidates.
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Progressives' defeat of Democratic incumbent is just the beginning
Las Vegas Sun
Sunday, June 17, 2012 | 2 a.m. - By taking out a sitting Democratic lawmaker in last week's election, progressives asserted themselves on the state's political ...
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Las Vegas Sun
Darcy Burner comes out swinging in bid for 1st District seat
The Seattle Times
Darcy Burner's brand of rabble-rousing liberalism sharpened after spending 2-1/2 years as a progressive activist in Washington, D.C. Running for Congress a ...
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Uniting - the other Christians
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
The Uniting Church is one such progressive institution and sadly I find it hard to ... Like Bishop Spong of the Anglican tradition, these progressives don't believe ...
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Progressive Harvard Law Prof: Obama "must be defeated"
legal Insurrection (blog)
Obama is a walking disaster for progressives, the embodiment of a cult of racial and class rhetoric over progress, which puts Obama at the center of the universe.
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Former Obama Law Professor Says President 'Must Be Defeated'
Atlanta Black Star
"He has failed to advance the progressive cause in the United States," Unger said in a video that was actually released nearly a month ago, May 22, but this ...
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25 years ago: US and Soviet scientists announce joint study of ...
World Socialist Web Site
Both Taft and Roosevelt were identified as "progressives" in the Republican Party. As a political tendency, Progressivism argued that the danger of socialism ...
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World Socialist Web Site

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