Friday, June 22, 2012

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Wisconsin Redux: Self-flagellating Progressives Continue to Miss ...
Instead of blaming organizers and progressives for losing elections that should be won, look to the machines that 'count' our ballots in secret.
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Dictatorship of Dollars
UK Progressive Magazine
President Obama and Democratic leaders, voters, workers and donors must understand with brutal clarity that: Republicans, right-wing billionaires whose ...
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UK Progressive Magazine
Today: Black And LGBT Congressional Staff Meet With Progressives ...
The New Civil Rights Movement
An historic conversation is taking place today on Capitol Hill, bringing African-American Congressional staff and LGBT Congressional staff and advocates ...
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The New Civil Rights Movement
Democrats say they support the poor but their actions don't
Guardian Express
The democrats are primarily full of Progressives, so they are well adept at lying and causing the masses to believe the lie as truth. Democrats lie about racism; ...
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The Quiet Extermination of Labor Rights From Human Rights
Progressive intellectuals have been acting very bipolar towards labor lately, characterized by wild mood swings ranging from the "We're sorry we abandoned ...
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Kincaid: Obama's Mortgage Debt Ploy Could Guarantee Re-election
Progressives regard DeMarco as a "Bush Administration holdover" and want Obama to replace him with a recess appointment. Katrina vanden Heuvel of The ...
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FREE SPEECH ZONE | Elections: What's Democracy Got To Do ...
Twin Cities Planet
Here in the "land of the free", as a progressive voter I am told I have no .... If progressives had really faced the eight years of President Bill Clinton, we'd see how ...
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Nick Jefferson: Progressives, Progress and Government: An Unholy ...
By Nick Jefferson
'Progressive.' There's a word that's bandied about a fair amount in politics on both sides of the pond. But what does it actually mean?
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One-Percent Progressives Honor the 99 Percent
A progressive from Vermont suggested a Google search of the name "Mitt Romney" with the word "psychopath" in order to discover the truth about the presumed ...
Daily Kos: What Presidents Qualify As Progressives? Updated
I know Obama isn't considered a Progressive by many of us on the left, but who were the Progressive Presidents, in your eyes? I think of Roosevelt, Wilson, ...

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