Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Progressives now lament lackluster Obama
Some progressive dreams of 2008 have died. Wars are still raging. People still go to bed hungry. Universal health care seems further and further away. So many ...
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Support democracy and annoy progressives: Buy Koch brothers ...
Red Alert Politics
In their latest attempt to promote the smearing of Republican donors nationwide, progressives have begun waging an all out war against Charles and David ...
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Progressives say stakes in 2012 'higher than ever'
People's World
WASHINGTON - With over 80 progressive organizations participating, the ninth annual conference of the Campaign for America's Future opened here June 18 ...
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Progressives and Refugee Week
J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
The UPJ's Jewish Religious Action and Advocacy Centre (JRAAC) launched Refugee Week activities with premier showings of the highly praised documentary ...
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J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
Public Option Advocates To Push Medicare For All If Supreme Court ...
The progressive activists who put the public option at the heart of the health care reform debate in 2009 and 2010 will return in 2012 to press Democrats to back ...
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Progressives Should Not Help Reelect Obama
MWC News
America's so-called middle class has already been trashed economically, even if half of the people in the trash pile, or those who are on their way there, are ...
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MWC News
Watergate: The Hidden History and the 2012 Elections
Huffington Post
Nixon was often thinking two or three moves ahead, knowing he could count on progressives to react in certain ways to his pronouncements (or those of his ...
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Conservatives Take a Sharp Right Turn
Huffington Post Canada (blog)
Presidents like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan -- considered rightwing villains by their progressive opponents at the time -- today would be moderate or ...
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All Right, Have It Your Way - It's a Living Constitution
American Thinker
For the past thirty years, conservatives and progressives have debated a fundamental question about interpreting the U.S. Constitution. Conservatives hew to ...
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The Impolitic: Gut check for progressives
By Libby Spencer
1 Comments: Blogger Mou khan said... I am not so sure that LSS has actually been successful in the business world. However, within DOD, it has been implemented with a heavy dose of bureaucracy, including numerous forms, reporting and ...
The Impolitic

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MJ Rosenberg: For Progressives, There Is No Choice But to Vote for ...
There is no excuse for any progressive to sit this election out. Even if Barack Obama was the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the dynamic would ...

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