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Counting Coup: As Progressives Cheer, Hell Grows in Obama's Honduras
Empire Burlesque
While progressives pop firecrackers in celebration of the great victory for Barack Obama's ACA (Advancing Corporate Authority) program -- which forcibly delivers customers to some of the most horrendous and inhumane companies in the land and fills the ...
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Robert Kraig: Supreme Court decision does not end conservative crusade ...
Capital Times (blog)
Progressives certainly needed a victory after the Wisconsin recall disappointment, and it came from an unexpected place when a deeply conservative U.S. Supreme Court justice blinked at the moment conservatives seemed poised to eviscerate the signature ...
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George Lakoff: How Right-Wingers Scam People Into Buying Their Toxic ...
Progressives often find themselves explaining the details of their preferred policies, and arguing that they would maximize the common good if enacted. Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to eschew the fine print to embrace sweeping, moral ...
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Socialist tapped as Serbian prime minister
Still, unpopular measures will not be easy for a government that includes the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia and the Progressives, which promised during the campaign to improve the economic situation and investment climate. Dačić said his ...
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Progressives, Socialists start talks on government
Progressives, Socialists start talks on government. Source: B92, Tanjug. BELGRADE -- Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) acting leader Aleksandar Vučić and Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) leader Ivica Dačić have started talks on the new government. Tweet ...
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Serbia President Asks Socialists To Form Government
Eurasia Review
“[Besides the Socialists] The majority will include the Progressives, United Regions of Serbia and probably some other minority representatives in parliament,” Nikolic said. Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, Nikolic said the government ...
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Righteous indignation hurting the Democrats
Dickinson Press
Color my neck red, but I often suspect some “progressives” are more interested in demonstrating moral superiority than winning elections. Vicarious participation in emotionally satisfying public spectacles renders them incapable of thinking about how ...
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John Nichols: Now can we get serious about health reform?
Capital Times (blog)
What Sanders says about Thursday's Supreme Court decision upholding the law provides important insights for progressives. On the ruling, his line is upbeat: “Today is a good day for millions of Americans who have pre-existing conditions, who can no ...
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Herb garden opened to educate youngsters
Bermuda Sun
The brainchild of the Young Progressives, the garden will feature a range of herbs like parsley, sage, fennel and Shepherd's Needle. The Young Progressive's Gershwyn “Shiloh” Smith said the garden was made possible with support from Bermudian Michael ...
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What Does the Supreme Court's Decision Upholding "Obamacare" Mean for the ...
Sebelius was an unmitigated victory for progressives. In fact, in upholding a law that seems so odious to conservatives, the Chief Justice tried to give the right a legal victory by further narrowing the scope of federal power under the Commerce Clause.
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Progressives Freak at GOP's Pledge to Repeal ObamaCare
By Donald Douglas
Progressives Freak at GOP's Pledge to Repeal ObamaCare. Nothing's impossible in politics, so I was surprised at how quickly some on the left pushed back against GOP calls to repeal the ObamaCare monstrosity. See Ryan Lizza, for ...
American Power
Why liberals are winning, Part 2
By Patrice Lewis
Progressives have a couple of marks in their favor when it comes to the slow, relentless progression toward socialism. First, they have time. After all, it's a progression, don't you know. Without the need to work hard every day and compete with ...

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Where do Progressives draw the line in Federal Mandates and ...
So the Federal Government can mandate that individuals purchase health ... The only freedom they recognize is their freedom to tell you what to do.

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