Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Freedomworks: A Corporate Fascist takeover of America
Only organized labor would be organized well enough to counter Freedomworks on the Progressive side of the political agenda, so that you catch a glimpse of the real reason they created the phony Right to Work Issue in the first place. For those who don ...
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Statement on the Passing of Olivier Ferrand
Center For American Progress
It was with great regret and sorrow that we learned today of the sudden and untimely death of Olivier Ferrand, newly elected member of the French parliament, founder and president of the progressive think tank Terra Nova, and longtime friend and ...
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Center For American Progress
What Gay Marriage Means
National Review Online (blog)
"But today I'm going to take issue with myself—hey, I'm just talented that way—and argue that there's a way that Kim, Lisa Duggan, Nancy Polikoff, and other longtime progressive critics of the marriage movement are right: the freedom to marry is not ...
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SNS Main Board to discuss govt. on Sunday
SNS Main Board to discuss govt. on Sunday. Source: Tanjug. BELGRADE -- The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Main Board will hold a session on Sunday and decide on conditions for Progressives' involvement in the government. Tweet. Aleksandar Vučić ...
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Review: The Tyranny of Clichés: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas
American Thinker
Only in the last hundred years have Progressives captured the phrase and turned it on its head -- all the while, Goldberg persuasively argues, without acknowledging that the phrase is anything more than a happy notion that only ingrates would not embrace.
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Progressives having it both ways (and I'm a progressive, but ...
Sorry, but I just don't think we can have this both ways...we can't, on the one hand , rail against the economic tyranny of the giant corporations, and on the other ...

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