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Red Crayon, Blue Crayon
New York Times
WHEN Really Big Coloring Books published a 32-page children's book about the Tea Party in 2010, the book received a lot of unwanted attention. The Los ...
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New York Times
Bruce Majors, tea party figure, launches delegate run
Washington Post (blog)
Majors, author of a controversial D.C. travel guide, is seeking to run against Eleanor Holmes Norton as a Libertarian.
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Arkansas racism, tea-party style
Washington Post (blog)
Did you hear the one about the rally where a joke delivered in black dialect, about lazy black welfare recipients, had the crowd in stitches?
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Barbour: Strain of 'Perot-ism' in the tea party movement
Politico (blog)
Haley Barbour gave one of his patented political breakdowns at the Ripon Society earlier this week, a nearly 45-minute speech and Q & A session about the ...
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Stella McDermott's Tea Party Birthday Bash
People Magazine
Centered around a tea party theme, Spelling furnished the space with her own invenTORI décor and added decorations featuring splashes of bright pink and ...
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Southwest Florida activists praise immigration policy change; Tea ...
The News-Press
Southwest Florida activists praise immigration policy change; Tea Party decries .... Kathy Jones, an organizer with the Lee County Tea Party and chairwoman for ...
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Incumbent, Tea Party favorite in runoff for Railroad Commission ...
YNN, Your News Now
It's become a familiar story this election season in Texas--a Tea Party candidate hoping to unseat an incumbent. YNN Political Reporter Alana Rocha sat down ...
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YNN, Your News Now
Tea Party Activists to Discuss Education, Gun Rights at Convention
89.7 WUWM - Milwaukee Public Radio
Tea partiers will hold their first statewide convention in Wisconsin Rapids this weekend.
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Speaker at Arkansas Tea Party Rally Uses Racist Joke in Speech
This past weekend, a board member for a Tea Party group in the Ozarks made a racist joke at a rally that drew plenty of laughs from those in.
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Small town Tea Party Patriots
Canada Free Press
Small town Tea Party Patriots, Hanging out with the small town Englewood patriots reminded me what the tea party is all about and why our dedicated Tea Party ...
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Charlotte O'Hara, Kansas Tea Party Legislator, Suggests State May ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
A Tea Party legislator in Kansas compared the state's economic development program with the collapse of the Soviet Union on a conservative radio talk show in Wichita Friday morning. Rep. Charlotte O'Hara (R-Overland Park), one of the ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed
Inge Marler, Arkansas Tea Party Leader, Resigns After Racist Joke
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The head of a Tea Party group in north-central Arkansas said a group leader who told a racist joke at a rally last week stepped down.
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Surprise, Surprise: Tea Party Leader Tells Racist 'Joke' at Arkansas ...
By Kirsten West Savali
Tea Party board member Inge Marler, stayed true to the racism and bigotry of the organization when she made a joke that could only be considered.
Clutch Magazine
Tea Party Leader Resigns After Racist Joke « Alan Colmes' Liberaland
By Alan
Arkansas Tea Party leader Inge Marler has stepped down after a joke she told at a June 9 rally concerning a black welfare recipient. Marler said she, too, regretted repeating the "joke" that she said she found on the Internet. She said a welfare ...
Alan Colmes' Liberaland
Daily Kos: Tea Party Leaders Racist Joke
By (The Sheeping of America)
Inge Marler, the Arkansas Tea Party leader told a racist joke to kick off her speech, not to much surprise the joke was met with laughter. Marler has been asked to step down from her position only because the founder Richard Caster had to ...

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