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Tea Party museum reopening in Boston, in time for election year
Los Angeles Times
The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is set to reopen its doors to the public. The facility closed about 11 years ago following a fire.
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Hatch Is Tested in Utah, but Tea Party Anger Cools
New York Times
As the economy has improved, so have the fortunes of Senator Orrin Hatch as he seeks to fend off his first primary challenge since he was elected in 1976.
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Museum commemorating Boston Tea Party to reopen
The Boston Tea Party Museum is set to reopen after a lengthy and difficult renovation.
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Utah Senator Hatch faces Tea Party challenger
SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) - Veteran U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch will face off on Tuesday against a Tea Party-backed challenger who was able to woo enough ...
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Hub set for another Tea Party
Three hours. That is how long it took a band of defiant Colonists to hack 340 canvas-covered wooden crates of English-owned tea into pieces and throw them ...
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After Costly Delays, Boston Tea Party Museum Set to Reopen
New York Times (blog)
The museum burned more than a decade ago after being struck by lightning, and the reopening was slowed by permitting and financing problems.
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Boston set to relaunch Tea Party museum
Boston Globe
After two fires and a global financial collapse that nearly scuttled the entire enterprise, the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum will celebrate its reopening ...
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Boston Globe
Steeped in Tea Party history
Boston Herald
It's Boston Tea Party time, with a new museum opening tomorrow that will offer ... The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum gives the public a chance to help ...
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Tea Party Gathers Signatures for Concealed Carry
Now a local group is fighting to change that. The Rockford Tea Party has collected nearly 2000 signatures and they're urging the Winnebago county board to ...
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Tea party group hires prominent black conservative Deneen Borelli ...
Daily Caller
FreedomWorks announces that Deneen Borelli will be their new director of outreach.
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Tea Party Group Hires African American Republican Consultant To ...
By Noah Rothman
FreedomWorks, a prominent tea party-aligned organization that supports the candidacies of conservative politicians, announced Monday that it hired prominent black conservative political consultant, Deneen Borelli, to help recruit minorities.
The Tea Party Leonardo Da Vinci Has Painted a Sequel to His ...
By Max Read
I was in Italy for the last couple weeks, and I saw a lot of fine art. But it was all basically bullshit compared to the Fine Art of John McNaughton, painter and patriot, whose newest masterpiece "The Empowered Man" welcomes me home like a ...
Tea Party petition for concealed carry growing - ...
The Rockford Tea Party says its collected 2000 signatures in support of concealed carry in Winnebago County.
WREX - 13 News Headlines
Maxine Waters to Tea Party: Let's get it on - Riehl World View
By Dan
I hope she didn't mean that in a Marvin Gaye sorta way. Or, maybe she should focus on her ethics issues, instead, "improperly trying to facilitate federal bailout financing and do special favors for a Boston-based bank, OneUnited, at a...
Riehl World View
Tea Party hires African-American consultant Deneen Borelli | theGrio
By theGrio
Deneen Borelli, black, conservative Republican, Fox News consultant and author of Blacklash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation was hired by FreedomWorks, a Tea Party-aligned organization to ...

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What Happened to the Tea Party? - Room for Debate -
In 2010, the movement and its supporters filled the airwaves. Where are they now ? Did they simply get absorbed by the G.O.P.?
Tea Party Rallies – New Jersey and St. Louis | The Gateway Pundit
TEA Party Patriots are put of the silent majority. . . not defined by color, creed or race but the silent majority who holds the US Constitution in the highest order.

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