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Yael T. Abouhalkah | Hey, tea party, what will you do now?
Kansas City Star
Guess what: The tea party will be very, very upset about today's action. It will be louder than ever. But will it be stronger and more influential than ever? That's what we really don't know right now. Here's what the Tea Party Express said today. Here ...
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Tea Party Leader Martin to Newsmax: Court 'Got It Wrong'
The head of the Tea Party Patriots said Thursday the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong to uphold Obamacare, and pledged that her group would help Americans correct this decision by repealing the law.
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Tea Party 'Puts Candidates on Notice' After Court Rules on Obamacare
Christian Post
Within minutes after the U.S. Supreme Court released its ruling upholding the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, Tea Party leaders were announcing an all-out effort to reinvigorate their troops to elect a president ...
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Christian Post
Orrin Hatch: Tea party slayer, or follower?
Salt Lake Tribune (blog)
The other day, we said that the re-nomination of Utah's extremely senior senator, Orrin Hatch, was a loss for the tea party movement that had, just two years ago, turned out Sen. Bob Bennett. - Primar...
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Supreme Court health care ruling fires up Tea Party
Denver Post
The U.S. Supreme Court only made the Tea Party more agitated Thursday. When the high court upheld the requirement that everyone purchase health insurance — a 5-4 decision that surprised almost everyone — Republicans and GOP strategists vowed to ...
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Tea Party Patriot founder scared by Supreme Court ruling on health care law
For one of the founders of the Tea Party Patriots of West Oakland County, today is a sad day. Sad because the U.S. Supreme Court upheld just about all of the federal Affordable Care Act, originally passed in 2010.
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Healthcare ruling concerns Tea Party
Members of the Tea Party movement are unhappy with the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the universal healthcare law. The Tea Party is a grassroots effort that rallies against big government.
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Tea Party reaffirms commitment to repealing Obamacare
Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation's largest tea party political action committee, has reaffirmed its commitment to repealing Obamacare after the Supreme Court ruled the Affordable Care Act was constitutional. Amy Kremer, Chairman of the ...
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Tea Party Response to Health Care Decision: Obama Lied!
Mother Jones
Outside the Supreme Court on Thursday morning, momentary confusion overtook the gigantic crowd of Obama supporters, tea partiers, congressional lawmakers, and hapless tourists. After it was erroneusly reported that the court had rejected Obamacare's ...
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Mother Jones

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New Tea Party Theory: Kindergarten Leads To Higher Crime Rates ...
By karoli
Wednesday morning, during a live podcast with my fellow MOMocrats and New Hampshire Democratic candidate for Governor, Maggie Hassan, she mentioned that one of the tea party wingnuts in the state legislature had made some ...
Crooks and Liars
Supreme Court Rules Against American People | Tea Party Patriots
By Administrator
Tea Party Patriots Will Not Rest until Obamacare is Fully Repealed. Tea Party Patriots, the nation's largest tea party organization, today criticized the Supreme Court's ruling on the President's healthcare bill. "The Supreme Court ruled against ...
Tea Party Patriots
Time For Another Tea Party Backlash | RedState
By westcoastpatriette (Diary)
The Courts have failed us again and, of course, no one has been able to fully digest what just transpired yet, but at a minimum, our judicial overlords have.
Instapundit » Blog Archive » THE LOUISVILLE TEA PARTY is ...
By Glenn Reynolds
June 28, 2012. THE LOUISVILLE TEA PARTY is planning a big 4th of July parade. Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 8:21 pm. Tweet · RSS Feed · Podcast RSS Feed · Email Instapundit. Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc! Making even the ...
Democurmudgeon: Authoritarian Tea Party Losers now Whine, have ...
By Democurmudgeon
Authoritarian Tea Party Losers now Whine, have Temper Tantrum, call for Armed Revolution. The right wing is pissed. So much for accepting the final word of the conservative activist supreme court. Only a few laws should not be questioned, ...

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James Carville: 'The Tea Party Is Over'
These Tea Party Republicans have worn out their welcome. But I'm telling you — getting rid of 'em won't be easy. They're not leaving on their own. We're going ...
Tea Party Events in St. Louis Tonight—- | The Gateway Pundit
The St. Louis Tea Party is holding a rally tonight at Art Hill in Forest Park. ... More … National Tea Party leaders are already talking about more rallies. Tweet ...
Evangelicals and the Tea Party - National Review Online
Robert Costa writes on NRO: If you're in Washington on Wednesday morning, stop by the National Press Club. I'll be discussing the relationship between ...

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