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Tea Party Sees Ruling As New Rallying Cry
Tea Party activists say the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act will inspire passion in many conservative circles ahead of the November presidential election.
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Tea Party group to burn Affordable Care Act in Hell, Michigan
Lansing State Journal
A local 'tea party' group won't be able to bury the 2409-page Affordable Care Act as planned, but will still go ahead and burn it.
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John Roberts saves 'Obamacare,' enrages tea party conservatives
Los Angeles Times
John Roberts' Supreme Court ruling on health care enrages GOP.
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Tea Party attacks health care; Rove group attacks breast cancer survivor
Video on The Nation's Ari Melber and The Hill's Karen Finney debate whether the Supreme Court's health care ruling will mobilize the Tea Party. Also, Karl Rove's Crossroads hits breast cancer survivor and North Dakota Senate candidate Heidi ...
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Texas tea party feud pits Cruz against Patrick
Houston Chronicle
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Long-simmering tensions between tea party-backed U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz and Sen. Dan Patrick, a leading tea party voice in the Texas Legislature, have boiled over during a radio interview. Cruz, a former state solicitor ...
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Court ruling pumps up tea partiers -- but not their enthusiasm for Romney
"I think that people are fired up (after the court ruling)," said Brendan Steinhauser, director of state and federal campaigns for national tea party booster FreedomWorks. "I think that we understand the importance now of beating Barack Obama. Romney ...
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Tea Party Patriots Alliance Speak Out on Supreme Court Ruling
The Forsyth County Tea Party Patriot Alliance will not rest until Obamacare is repealed.
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Idaho GOP keeps its tea party platform planks
The Spokesman Review
Idaho's super-dominant Republican Party was widely expected to swing back toward the middle this year, after tea party activists peppered the party platform two years ago with planks urging abolishment of the Federal Reserve, eliminating direct ...
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Tea Party rallies in front of Sen. Brown's office
The Morning Journal
LORAIN — Roughly a local dozen tea party members rallied in front of St. Joseph Community Center in protest of Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, who is running for reelection and has an office in the building, and the controversial decision by the U.S. ...
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Mississippi Tea Party statement on Obamacare
Yall Politics
MSTP STATEMENT ON OBAMACARE RULING 6/29/2012 With its 5-4 ruling upholding Obamacare the US Supreme Court has joined with the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government in abandoning the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and ...
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Tea Party leader calls for 'insurrection' against Obamacare | The ...
By Muriel Kane
Numerous Republicans have expressed discontent with the Supreme Court's upholding of the Affordable Care Act, but it took a Tea Party leader to imply that the decision could justify a new Civil War. Mississippi Tea Party Chairman Roy ...
The Raw Story
Roy Nicholson, Mississippi Tea Party Leader, Asks God To ...
By The Huffington Post News Team
The leader of the Mississippi Tea Party is calling on God to save the country from "criminal invaders" following the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the health care reform law.
Barack Obama on Huffington Post
Tea Party Sees Ruling As New Rallying Cry | KOSU Radio
By KOSU News
The Tea Party was present and accounted for in large numbers on the steps outside the Supreme Court on Thursday as details of the ruling spread. But as disappointing as the 5-4 decision was for activists, their focus quickly shifted to the fight ...
KOSU Radio
Tea Party Congressman Landry Faces GOP Establishment ...
By Javier Manjarres
Landry is enjoying widespread support from grassroots organization, as well as 'Tea Party' groups, who aside from following his race closely, are railing against Congressman Boustany's 'center-left' approach of law making in the U.S. ...
The Shark Tank
Texas Tea Party Feud Pits Cruz Against Patrick « CBS Dallas / Fort ...
By mgoodman
Long-simmering tensions between a tea party-backed U.S. Senate candidate and a leading tea party voice in the Texas Legislature have boiled over.
CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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Tea Party "treason" -
What powers should the president have against those who advocate open, violent revolt against ...
Flashback: Pelosi Taunts Tea Party With Big-A$$ Gavel on March to ...
Speaker Pelosi taunted the Tea Party with a big-A$$ gavel. Pelosi and fellow radicals marched ...

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