Saturday, June 16, 2012

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New GOP Help From Casino Mogul
New York Times
Sheldon Adelson committed at least $10 million more to conservative groups aiming to defeat President Obama and elect Republicans to Congress.
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Obama's immigration order shows the Oval Office advantage
Los Angeles Times
... young immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally before age 16 and spent at least ... accused Obama of making a solution more difficult and playing politics.
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Los Angeles Times
Watergate scandal changed the political landscape forever
Watergate dented Americans' faith in government and tainted public servants with a distrust that continues four decades after the burglary.
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Drones, computers new weapons of US shadow wars
The Seattle Times
In Pakistan, armed drones, not U.S. ground troops or B-52 bombers, are hunting down al-Qaida terrorists, and a CIA-run raid of Osama bin Laden's hide-out was ...
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EPA 'spy drones' overshoot the facts
The Seattle Times
The hubbub over nonexistent drones spying on U.S. cattle farmers provides a look at something hard to capture in U.S. politics: the vibrant, almost viral, life cycle ...
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Watergate scandal changed political landscape
Tucson Citizen
Watergate scandal changed political landscape - News from USA TODAY.
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Ryan's future: In Romney White House or US House?
The Seattle Times
But it's also true that Ryan has let political opportunities pass before, choosing to focus on taming what he calls a "big, dysfunctional government" beset by ...
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Analysis: Obama takes a risk on immigration front
It's a political gamble that might fire up conservatives, many of whom remain cool to ... Together, they severely limit his ability to influence the struggling U.S. ...
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'Our Divided Political Heart' by EJ Dionne
Boston Globe
In "Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent," political commentator E.J. Dionne urges us to accept the philosophical ...
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A Presidential Mandate is No Way to Set Immigration Policy
Fox News
It was poorly done and political headwinds are sure to follow the president's ... For many of us who are immigrants, or sons and daughters of immigrants, we ...
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Drones, computers new weapons of US shadow wars
After a decade of costly conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American way of war is evolving toward less brawn, more guile. Drone aircraft spy on and attack terrorists with no pilot in harm's way. Small teams of special operations troops quietly ...
Politics & Government
US Chamber of Commerce outspending parties in attack on Obama ...
By UnBylined
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's advertising is outpacing both political parties in close Senate races, adding volume to attack ads — some of which have been questioned by fact-checkers — being aired against Democrats.
Bangor Daily News
William Bradley: The Enlightenment Divides American Politics
By William Bradley
There is no shortage of political divides in this era of angry politics. But one of the most fundamental of all is between those who favor the Enlightenment and those who oppose it.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed
President Obama's Weekly Address - Jack & Jill Politics
By b-serious
President Obama made it clear that the challenges facing the American people are bigger than politics: "We have plenty of big ideas and technical solutions from both sides of the aisle. That's not what's holding us back. What's holding us back ...
Jack & Jill Politics

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