Friday, June 22, 2012

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AP sources: US mulls new covert raids in Pakistan
The Seattle Times
U.S. military and intelligence officials are so frustrated with Pakistan's failure to stop local militant groups from attacking Americans in neighboring Afghanistan ...
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Pakistan gets new PM amid political turmoil
U.S. News & World Report
ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani lawmakers elected a ruling party loyalist with a checkered past as prime minister on Friday, restoring government to the country ...
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US probes visa issued to Egypt terror group member
The Seattle Times
The State Department said Friday it is looking into how a self-professed member of a banned Egyptian terrorist organization was issued a U.S. visa and traveled ...
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US must overhaul immigration rules, Obama declares to Latinos: 'I ...
Washington Post
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — President Barack Obama, in a strikingly personal appeal, renewed his call for an overhaul of America's immigration laws before a ...
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U.S. Supreme Court: A (big) business friendly climate
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
The U.S. Supreme Court, in its recent rulings, is increasingly a big ... The Chamber, which supported the ruling, has become a kind of political laundry through ...
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Barack Obama to talk immigration at Latino conference – US politics
The Guardian (blog)
Mitt Romney's trumpeting his economic plan, and Republicans prematurely celebrate the supreme court's healthcare opinion.
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The Guardian (blog)
Pakistan's political crisis won't affect war on terror, hopes US
New York Daily News
June 22--WASHINGTON (Dawn/ANN) -- The United States hopes that the current political transition in Pakistan will not affect the country's efforts to fight ...
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Presidential candidates crank up push for Hispanic support
Fox News
What's shaping up to be a close election could hinge on a group of voters that hasn't always felt it had much of a voice in American politics. Many analysts now ...
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Political Football: Germany Ousts Greece From Euro Soccer ...
ABC News (blog)
"Bring us Merkel," read a headline in Greece's Goal News, "You will never get Greece out of the euro." Players from both sides downplayed the political angle, ...
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ABC News (blog)
Pakistan ruling party replaces prime minister nominee after arrest ...
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan's ruling party on Friday nominated former water and power minister Raja Pervez Ashraf to replace the ousted prime minister, ...
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Blogs5 new results for U.S. Politics
US Politics | AMERICAblog News: Washington Post finds that ...
By John Aravosis
One of America's most influential progressive political blogs, providing news analysis of US politics, by John Aravosis in Washington DC.
US Politics | AMERICAblog News
Senate to Administration: Give Us Details On Planned Education ...
By Alyson Klein
Politics K-12. Education Week's blogs > Politics K-12 See our Schools & Stimulus coverage · Politics K-12 · Alyson Klein · Michele McNeil ... In fact, a bipartisan pair of lawmakers, U.S. Sens. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and John McCain, R-Ariz., ...
Politics K-12 - Education Week
Check Out The Growth Of America's Economy Once You Subtract ...
By Henry Blodget
Follow us on Facebook and get updates from Business Insider posted directly to your news feed. Enter you email address and ... Insider, St. Louis Fed. NOW READ: Okay, Folks, Let's Put Aside Politics And Talk About The Economy [CHARTS] ...
Blue Hampshire: Politics ::: Rabid Ideologues Will Destroy Us
By susanthe
Krugman also said, "This is not an economic problem, this is a political problem." He's right. The US has rebounded from a depression before. We know how to do it. We have a Congress that isn't interested in solving problems; they're ...
Blue Hampshire
Live blog: U.S. Senate debate | Texas Politics | a blog
By Kolten Parker
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and former Texas solicitor general Ted Cruz will take the stage at KERA TV studios in Dallas at 8 p.m. for a much anticipated one-on-one debate – the first of two scheduled televised appearances before the July 31 run ...
Texas Politics

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