Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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The Last Remaining Third Rail in US Politics: The Boston Red Sox
The Atlantic
President Obama got booed on Monday after making a joke about a trade. He should have known better.
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Obama and Biden strike at Romney on overseas jobs
... capitalist sent U.S. jobs overseas and paid no heed to the impact on American workers. ... A political committee supporting Obama began airing an ad over the ...
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Inquiry Looks Into a Shield for Donors in Elections
New York Times
The attorney general of New York is investigating money given to politically active organizations, focusing on the United States Chamber of Commerce.
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Insight: As Congress looks away, US tiptoes toward exporting a gas ...
Chicago Tribune
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a bitterly divided U.S. political environment, there's at least one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on: Avoid a public ...
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Stockton set to become the largest US city to declare bankruptcy
Fox News
STOCKTON, Calif. – Officials in Stockton said Tuesday that mediation with creditors has failed, meaning the city is set to become the largest American city ever to ...
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Hatch Overcomes Challenge in Republican Primary in Utah
New York Times
The six-term Republican fended off a primary challenge from a Tea Party-backed insurgent candidate on Tuesday.
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New York Times
Egypt election turns US policy on its head
The Seattle Times
He urged the military establishment to "play a role in Egyptian politics by supporting the democratic process and working to unify the Egyptian people," the White ...
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OECD weighs into US politics by calling for inequality cut
OECD weighs into US politics by calling for inequality cut. The US should increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans to cut inequality, according to the ...
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Hispanics looking for November gains in US house
The Seattle Times
Hispanics are the fastest-growing group in the United States, increasing in population by more than 15 million between 2000 and 2010, according to U.S. ...
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US Sen. Orrin Hatch wins Utah Republican primary
The Seattle Times
Politics & Government. Follow us: facebook · twitter · Advanced Search | Events ... U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch has won Utah's Republican primary. Hatch faced former ...
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Road Tripping Nuns Hit Middle America - Politics News Story ...
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CNN) -- A few months ago Sister Simone Campbell was in a brainstorming meeting trying to come up with ways to get the public's attention. Tuesday, June 26, 2012.
TurnTo23.com - National News Headlines
The Obamas and the New Politics of Race | UT Austin SOC
By khsu
Has the election of Barack Obama served as the watershed moment for American politics and race relations that many predicted? A number of experts in the field of critical race theory attempt to answer this question in a special issue of ...
UT Austin SOC
Enyart 'demands' debates in U.S. House race
Politics · Education · Criminal Justice · Economy · Sports · Transportation · Series · Achy Obejas Citylife · Jim DeRogatis Music · Amy Krouse Rosenthal Mission Amy KR · Onstage/Backstage ... Enyart 'demands' debates in U.S. House race ...
WBEZ - Politics
Which way the wind blows for Detroit - Jack & Jill Politics
By Keith Owens
A black bourgeoisie perspective on U.S. politics ... The kick in the teeth is, back in December when everything was going south it was all 'Kumbaya,' and let's get a deal done; now they've got a hammer, and they're hitting us in the head." ...
Jack & Jill Politics

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