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Bain Attacks Make Inroads for President
New York Times
President Obama is successfully invoking Mitt Romney's career at Bain Capital to raise doubts about Mr. Romney's commitment to the middle class, strategists in both parties say.
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For Attorneys General, Long Shot Brings Payoffs
New York Times
An opposition case that was given little chance of succeeding ended up enlisting 26 states and securing some significant political and legal victories.
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Maine Race Complicates Struggle for the Senate
New York Times
Former Gov. Angus King has a strong lead in the race to fill Olympia Snowe's Senate seat, but it has made him an early punching bag.
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Politics, ideology clash over expanding Medicaid
Houston Chronicle
If the political rhetoric that accompanied last week's Supreme Court ruling on health care reform was any indication, Texans can expect a raucous few months ahead as politicians consider whether to accept billions of federal dollars to expand Medicaid ...
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Gov. Scott putting politics above people in need
Whenever asked about the possibility the law would be upheld by the Supreme Court, he always assured us that he would be prepared to follow through in that unlikely event. Scott talking to the Palm Beach Post in November 2011: "It's my job, if it's the ...
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Politics sinks us to new lows
Sydney Morning Herald
Ultimately, when it really comes down to it, we actually just get the politicians the major parties - and the Greens - give us. And then maybe we get the Parliament they deserve. Last week was the nadir of the 43rd Parliament of Australia. For a ...
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Sydney Morning Herald
Some Dems still skittish on health care; GOP riled
The Seattle Times
Victory at the Supreme Court for President Barack Obama and Democrats on health care is reopening political divisions within the party over the unpopular law. By DONNA CASSATA and ... "I see this as a huge moment for us," Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., ...
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Ex-police chief whose US consulate visit set off Chinese political scandal ...
Washington Post
BEIJING — An ex-police chief whose shocking visit to a U.S. consulate led to the fall of a prominent Chinese politician has resigned from the national legislature, state media reported Saturday, a sign that he might be a step closer to formal arrest ...
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Governor: We won't comply with aspects of health care law
Palm Beach Post
But an outright repeal of the law would also require Republicans to pick up at least 13 seats in the U.S. Senate to achieve a filibuster-proof majority, something no political analyst or even GOP leaders believe is possible. The best Republicans can ...
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US Politics | AMERICAblog News: Listen to Gaius today at 3pm ...
By John Aravosis
One of America's most influential progressive political blogs, providing news analysis of US politics, by John Aravosis in Washington DC.
US Politics | AMERICAblog News
A US perspective on tax credits and the politics of reform | Left Foot ...
By Guest
The ability of low-wage individuals to move up and out of poverty through work alone is much less clear than the UK prime minister suggested.
Left Foot Forward

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Supreme court special editions: US politics week in review chat ...
Join writers Ana Marie Cox, Harry Enten and Jason Farago in the US politics live week-in-review chat beginning at 11.30 ET.

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