Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Treat Children Suffering of Asthma

Asthma is a condition with which gets hard to live even for an adult. The younger the person suffering of asthma is, the more problematic will be to live with this ailment. Thus, children find it extremely hard to cope with this situation, especially because they do not fully understand their condition and are not able to control their emotions. This is why, asthmatic children need to be given special attention, both when they are at home or with their parents and when they are at school.

In order to prepare your child to cope with asthma as good as possible, it is necessary to explain them, as much as they can understand, what is asthma, what it will happen to them during and asthma attack and what are they supposed to do in severe cases or in the situations when their parents are no around. This will enable the child to regain some of their confidence and to start regarding asthma as something they will have to face without being afraid of it.

Once your child knows exactly what they have to do when they are left alone, it is absolutely necessary to start cleaning the toys, throw those that cannot be cleaned in hot water, clean the entire house and eliminate all the dust mites and bacteria which may be stored inside the house. It may take a little time to get used with all these routines, but always keep in mind that the less your child will come in contact with allergens, bacteria and dust mites, the rarer the asthma attacks will be.

In addition to cleaning your house it is also important to see where your child learns and if the classrooms are clean enough to offer your child a proper breathing. Ask the teachers to show you the classroom and if you spot any dust mites or other similar allergens which may threaten your child's health, ask for permission to clean the room yourself. Also, let the teachers, nurses and even school bus drive know that your child has asthma and share with them their asthma action plan. Thus you will be sure that they know exactly how to act in case your child has an asthma attack while they are away from home.

Children asthmatic children can have a relatively normal life if minimal hygiene measures are taken and if the people around them are informed about the way in which these children should be treated.

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Source White Market

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