Saturday, June 16, 2012

Improve Your IQ –Factors Which Negatively Affect Your Brain

Having a big IQ is one of most people's goals, as this improves the chances of getting a good job and of obtaining social recognition. There are many ways in which one can improve its intelligence quotient, but these ways are equal to zero if those activities which negatively affect the human brain are not totally eliminated.

One of the main factors which make the human brain work slowly and accumulate less information in a longer period of time is smoking. Even though it seems that brain and smoking seem to have almost no connection, appearances are not correct in this case. In fact, smoking damages greatly the human brain as it deprives is of the so much needed oxygen. Because the brain cannot function properly when it lacks the right amount of oxygen, smokers encounter serious problems when trying to acquire new information.

Another factor which deeply influences the brain's work and development is alcohol. The alcoholic drinks may cause temporary damages of the nervous cells which form the brain, fact which results in a lower capacity of acquiring new information. When the quantity of alcohol ingested is larger and on a daily basis, than the brain damage gets even more severe and can become permanent. This not only stops the increasing of IQ, but also lowers the existing one.

Stress, lack of adequate rest and very little physical activity are other factors which significantly affect your brain's activity. Thus, you should try to relax each and every day and put an end to all your useless worries. Also, trying to get enough rest by getting at least 8 hours of qualitative sleep can significantly help your brain function properly. Remember that relaxation and a healthy lifestyle are the first steps towards efficiently increasing your IQ.

So, if you are smoking on a daily basis, serve alcoholic drinks in large quantities and do not get enough sleep, there is no way in which you can improve your IQ. Thus, in order to increase your intelligence, you should give up smoking and drinking and start a new life, by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The results will be seen both on the way you look and on the way you think.


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