Monday, June 18, 2012

My “Superhuman Smoothie” Recipe — for extreme health

healthy smoothie recipeI've made this smoothie for some friends recently, and they joked that this was some sort of "superhuman smoothie" because it was so healthy, they hadn't even heard of half of the ingredients before.  They also said that it was not only incredibly delicious, but gave them insane amounts of energy.

I will warn you right off the bat… this could probably qualify as one of the healthiest smoothies on the planet, but based on the types of "exotic" ingredients, it's definitely not cheap.  But if you're willing to invest in the highest quality food ingredients for your own "extreme health", this smoothie can be part of your arsenal!

I'm also fully aware that some people in some areas of the country (or the world) may not have access to a health food store that has all of these ingredients.  However, if you live near any major urban area in any modernized country, or even if you're in a rural area but have access to a great health food store, you can find almost every ingredient.

I also firmly believe that the combination of SuperFood ingredients in this smoothie can really go a long way towards strengthening your immune system, giving you loads of energy, and also helping to burn body fat, build lean muscle, and control your appetite and cravings.  There's even some ingredients that can help boost libido, lower blood pressure, and more!

That's why I said this smoothie was only if you wanted EXTREME HEALTH!

And if you remember one of my concepts I always preach is obtaining the highest micro-nutrient density possible per unit of calories… this smoothie would rank at the top in that category!  It's also insanely high in antioxidants.

The "Superhuman Smoothie" Recipe for Extreme Health

Depending on your body size, the quantities in this recipe may actually be enough for 2 servings.  In a blender, mix together:

Blend all the ingredients until thick and smooth.  I add the powdered ingredients after the blender is already running so that they mix easier.

This smoothie is so powerfully healthy for your body, you'll notice a consistent "super-energy" throughout the day without spikes and crashes if you start each day with one of these.  Also, if you consciously think about how nutritious this smoothie is, your body will actually get even better results, because of the power of the mind (placebo effect).

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Source White Market

Source White Market

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