Saturday, June 16, 2012

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Being a parent means that you are constantly worrying about the safety and well-being of your children. As your children become more involved with other children, sports, or school clubs, it is more likely that they will interact with and be driven by other parents and adults. Unless you know these adults well, what assurances do you have that your children will be safe? Sadly, the answer is that you do not have any assurances, unless you conduct a complete background check on the adults who will be driving your children back and forth.
School bus drivers must maintain a clean driving record, but adult volunteers are never asked about their driving record before they are approved for field trips and other group functions. However, these adults have direct control of your children's lives while they are driving their cars. Making matters more difficult is the fact that it is socially awkward to ask about a person's driving record. For this reason, you will want to conduct a complete investigation on every adult that drives your child using
In order to conduct a driving record search on, you will only need to provide the name and state of residence. Once you enter that information, the database of over one billion records is thoroughly searched in just a few seconds. Once the search is completed, you will be provided with complete criminal driving records, should they exist. These records will allow you to decide whether or not you allow your children to ride in their car.
You can also conduct a complete background check on the driver. This will give you access to any arrest records, current arrest warrants, federal and state tax liens, and any federal or civil judgments filed against that individual. While this information does seem a bit personal, you do need to do whatever possible to protect your children. This information speaks quite a bit about the type of person this individual is, and their character can have a direct impact on their actions and influence on your child. In these matters, it is always best to proceed with caution.
You can also obtain a list of friends and associates of the individual in question. This can be especially helpful if your child will be spending time at this person's home or will be exposed to others who are close to the individual. While these people may or may not have direct contact with your children, they will have an influence on the home and the people who live in that home. For that reason, these people need to also be considered when you are deciding whether or not to allow this individual to have close contact with your children. can help you make the best parenting decisions possible. If someone is unknown to you, take the necessary steps to protect the safety and well-being of your children.

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