Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief: Arianna Remembers Nora Ephron, Plus Lisa Belkin, Hilary Rosen, Lynda Resnick

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Arianna Huffington: Nora Ephron is gone -- and I can't believe it. Whenever I was around her through the years the air crackled with energy and ideas and one-liners -- and a sense of celebration. That's what makes yesterday's news so hard to take in. Nora was an integral part of the HuffPost family -- an investor, a supporter, and a constant sounding board months before we launched. Since then, she's been a contributing editor who more than lived up to her name -- regularly offering up notes, suggestions, and terrific ideas (our very popular Divorce section was one of them). Professionally, her legacy will be that of an exceptionally gifted and versatile artist who could do it all, and do it all incredibly well. Personally, she'll be cherished as a wife and mother, and a devoted, giving, treasured -- and irreplaceable -- friend. Indeed, she was as talented at friendship as she was at everything else she tried.
Nora Ephron Dies At 71
Polls Have Good News For Obama In Three Battleground States
Waldo Canyon Fire Erupts: 32,000 Evacuated
Assailants Set Fire To Microsoft Headquarters In Greece
Savannah Guthrie Reportedly Asked To Replace Ann Curry On 'Today'
Lisa Belkin: Nora Ephron: What She Changed For Women
We felt Nora Ephron knew us, not because she was one of us, but because she was so much more, a distillation of what women felt but didn't yet know, or would have said if they'd been clever enough. The quips the rest of us wished we'd made, but didn't think of until the moment had passed? Ephron gave us voice.
Lynda Resnick: The Nora Club
Her writing was flip and deep. She thought about things, everyday things, and then wrote about them in the most approachable way. Like "Come on girls, we see this thing alike, don't we?"
50 Cent: My Workout Music For Success
Music is my passion. It¹s allowed me to get where I am today, and­ my success in the industry helped me start other projects and businesses. I don't listen to just one genre, so my music collection and playlists reflect all types of artists and music.
Hilary Rosen: Nora Ephron -- We Write in Homage
I debate politics for a living and yet with Nora, it was harder. She held them to a standard that most people who love politics don't ever do. Her insight and cynicism was of the sort that when people feel like she does, they turn away. But Nora leaned in.
Paul Brandeis Raushenbush: Ask Pastor Paul: Does Religion Cause War?; Does God Like One Sports Team More?
Why should anyone be religious when so many of the wars and prejudice have been based on religion?

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