Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Does IWinButtons Have to Offer?

Some of the greatest military geniuses of all time – Caesar, Napoleon, Alexander – made use of speed as one of the deadliest weapons in their arsenal, and IWinButtons, the new guide to macros and keybindings in World of Warcraft, promises to do the same on an individual scale for your character in the toughest content to be found in Azeroth.
IWinButtons poses the question – how do some players dominate PvP and raiding in the game, while thousands of others struggle? The guide itself is the answer, and is meant to be a key to building your character into a champion of WoW, powerful and effective in whatever area you enjoy most. It sets out to teach you how to get much more out of the game, and turn your character into a powerhouse of success – and, of course, the first question you have about it is, how well does the guide manage to do this?
If you enter the world of IWinButtons, you can prove for yourself within an hour or two that this guide really is as innovative and powerful a tool as its advertising makes it out to be. Nobody has ever produced a guide to macros and keybindings that is this extensive, covers all the game's classes in this way, or is so firmly founded in actual play (ensuring that the combinations really work, rather than just looking good on paper) as experienced by top arena players, raiders, and battleground enthusiasts.
IWinButtons strikes a nearly ideal balance between clear, easy to use explanations, and the kind of fine detail that you need to thoroughly understand the use of macros and keybindings, mastering them and developing your skills in their use. The guide demonstrates how to use these "I win buttons" in every part of the game, improving your performance in everything from questing to dungeons and raids, to the most fiery player versus player (PvP) action.
IWinButtons is a superb guide to how to break free of clicking-based combat, and gain the lightning fast reactions and fighting skills that well-made macros and well-chosen keybindings give your character. The creator of the guide has gone to great trouble to collect, sift, and describe the best macros for all classes and all situations, and this hard work and experience-based knowledge shows clearly in the results you will get.
IWinButtons is fully up to date and brings the powerful keybindings of many of the game's top players to your fingertips in one compact, easily accessible package. This guide is one of the groundbreaking innovations of the World of Warcraft Cataclysm guide scene, and addresses not just the usual matters of earning gold or leveling fast, but of leveraging the potential power of macros to turn your character into a whirlwind of steel or spells – and the envy of other players.


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