Saturday, June 16, 2012

What is Resistant Hypertension?

Resistant hypertension is stubborn blood pressure that is controlled but requires four or more medications. Resistant hypertension is generally found in overweight and elderly people.Overweight people tend to carry more fat and less muscle in their body. The increase in fat relates to the cholesterol theory of plaque build up in the arteries leading to narrowed blood vessels through out the body. This causes the heart to pump harder because of the resistance of the smaller space that blood must move through. This leads to high blood pressure.

In the elderly resistant hypertension occurs because the walls of the artery become harder losing its ability to widen. Again with a hardened artery the heart must pump stronger to create blood flow through out the body. This stress placed on the heart may lead to an enlarged heart.

Four different types of hypertension medication is given to lower blood pressure. Doctors want this pressure to be below 140 / 90. This range is pre-hypertension. Any blood pressure over 140 /90 is considered to be hypertension.

Blood pressure medication for resistant hypertension is given to do a few things. Beta-Blockers slow the heart rate, ACE inhibitors reduce hormone release to prevent narrowing of the arteries and diuretics help to remove excess fluid by reducing fluid retention. The problem with diuretics is that vital nutrients needed to help with normal breakdown of food and increased metabolism are flushed out of the body.

Let's face it, uncontrolled hypertension can cause some very serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney failure, stroke and eventually pre-mature death.

Traditional lifestyle changes such as salt reduction, weight loss and reduced alcohol consumption may help to control resistant hypertension. However a program that has specific guidelines for nutrition, exercise and breathing is more effective.

Resistant hypertension is definitely controllable if you are willing to take the necessary steps to lower your high blood pressure. Further more, over time as you progress with your lifestyle changes, the possibility of living with out hypertension medication may exist.

Michael Wolfe Grafstein is a registered massage therapist who discovered he had hypertension by receiving two electrical shocks in his left arm a few years back that traveled into his left chest. since that time he has suffered from many of the side effects and recently discovered a natural way to lower blood pressure with out going on hypertension medication. His story and solutions

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