Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Savaging Roberts: Conservatives Run Amok
Huffington Post (blog)
Why have conservatives gone over the cliff in their anger at Roberts? Why can't they just accept that the Chief Justice disagreed with them about one of several very complex constitutional issues presented in this case?
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George Will: Conservatives win a battle
Topeka Capital Journal
CJOnline.com is the website of the Topeka Capital-Journal newspaper. It's the Number One source of news, sports, weather and entertainment information, as well as cars, jobs and real estate advertising for the northeastern Kansas area.
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Conservatives backtrack on health care cuts for some refugees
Globe and Mail
Federal government says cuts to refugee health care program would save $20-million annually.
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Globe and Mail
Den Tandt: Canada isn't sliding into the arms of the Conservative Party
Six years into the Harper era, Canadians are inching inexorably into the conservative, and Conservative,
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Obamacare's conservative Rx
New York Daily News
Hammond: There's a good reason why, in the wake of the Affordable Care Act passing constitutional muster at the Supreme Court, Mitt Romney and other Republicans are struggling to articulate a conservative path to universal health coverage in this ...
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New York Daily News
Jonathan Krohn, Reformed Conservative Boy Wonder, Responds To Criticism ...
Huffington Post
Reflecting on his encounters at social conservative gatherings, he continued, "It's very much a very fundamentalist, strong Evangelical core that you have there. And, if you stray from that, a lot of the people in that area of conservatism have a ...
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Conservatives Demand Surrender To China
Huffington Post (blog)
Conservatives Demand Surrender To China - The Huffington Post.
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Jonathan Krohn, conservative wunderkind, shifts left
CBS News
Krohn was held up as a conservative political prodigy at the age of 13, but now he's making headlines again at 17 for changing his views Read more by Stephanie Condon on CBS News' Political Hotsheet.
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CBS News
Salon: Roberts wrote most of the conservative dissent in the ObamaCare case too
Hot Air
I wondered about this on the afternoon of the decision. It stands to reason: If, as most everyone believes, Roberts initially assigned the majority opinion to himself and then ended up flipping at the eleventh hour, the four conservative dissenters ...
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AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Claims Conservatives Use the ...
By Mytheos Holt
It is perhaps unsurprising that the 4th of July has long been an occasion for ideological awkwardness on the part of the modern American Left. Having celebrated the idea of an intrusive, quasi-dictatorial state that chastises its commercial ...
TheBlaze.com - Stories
SCOTUS Conservatives in Anonymous Disarray | emptywheel
By emptywheel
The fact that the joint dissent doesn't mention Roberts' majority was not a sign of sloppiness, the sources said, but instead was a signal the conservatives no longer wished to engage in debate with him. If true, those relics, which violate normal ...
Daily Kos: Conservatives want to campaign on health care, but look ...
By rss@dailykos.com (kos)
In the aftermath of the Supreme Court health care ruling, the early conventional wisdom was that an unfavorable health care ruling at the court would be good for Republicans politically, even as it was a serious policy setback for conservatives.
Daily Kos
Dispatches From The War On Women: Conservatives Still Flipping ...
By Jessica Pieklo
The latest headlines from the best and worst in the war on women.
Care2 Causes

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Conservatives to Mitt: Quit Now If You Won't Fight Obamatax!
The Obama campaign has seized on remarks made by Romney adviser Eric " Etch-A-Sketch" Fehrnstrom this morning on MSNBC, to the effect that the individual ...

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