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Britain's Cameron furious after biggest party revolt
PM Conservative party rebels force government climbdown* Conservatives becoming increasingly rebellious* Rebellion threatens PM, coalition governmentBy Mohammed AbbasLONDON, July 11 (Reuters) - A.
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Are These Judges Really Conservatives?
Huffington Post
The label "conservative" is really meaningless to these people. An "activist" judge is fine, as long as his or her activism supports your politics.
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Cameron Retreat May Leave Rebel Conservatives Wanting More
San Francisco Chronicle
British Prime Minister David Cameron's retreat over his proposed House of Lords overhaul may embolden rebellious members of his Conservative Party. The move points to doubts about his leadership and anger in his Conservative Party over sharing power ...
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Conservatives want healthcare funding fight this year
The Hill (blog)
Conservatives in the House are pushing GOP leaders to continue the campaign against President Obama's healthcare law even after Wednesday's vote to repeal the law. Reps.
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Even in worst-case scenario, conservatives look beyond 'Obamacare' (blog)
Wednesday's vote in the House on repeal of the Affordable Care Act will make clear one more time where each House member stands, but it won't change the law. Unless Mitt Romney wins the presidency on Nov. 6 and Republicans gain control of the Senate ...
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Reform the UK House of Lords? For now, the nobles keep their seats
Christian Science Monitor
UK Prime Minister David Cameron called off a vote on fast-tracking reform of the unelected House of Lords after a group of Conservatives balked.
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Christian Science Monitor
Conservatives dispute Obama's 'fair share' claims, say top earners already pay ...
Fox News
President Obama has elevated one question to a key campaign issue -- what is a fair share of taxes?
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Iowa's Christian Conservatives Still Waiting For Romney
Fox News (blog)
In the battleground state of Iowa, there is a stand-off. It's between presumptive Republican presidential nominee and the state's Christian conservatives.
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Conservatives hit back in 'war on women'
CNN (blog)
(CNN) -- American Crossroads, an independent conservative group, challenged the Democratic-fueled message that Republicans have waged a "war on women," releasing a scorching web video Wednesday that turns the charge back onto Democrats.
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Unreal… Obama's DHS Continues to Target Conservatives & Liberty ...
By Jim Hoft
The Department of Homeland Security is continuing to target patriotic Americans and conservatives who "believe that one's personal and/or national 'way of life' is under attack" as terrorists. They even have this listed in their latest report.
The Gateway Pundit
A New Generation: Not Your Father's Conservatives — IGF Culture ...
By Stephen H. Miller
Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry is a new campaign to highlight and build support for the freedom to marry among young conservatives across America. According to the campaign's website, the campaign is reaching out to "the ...
IGF Culture Watch

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