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Militants Destroy Timbuktu Islamic Shrines
Voice of America
UNESCO has listed the historic city as a World Heritage site for its ancient mosques and shrines.
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Voice of America
The economic toll of Islamic law
Boston Globe
Economist Timur Kuran's provocative diagnosis of a region's malaise – and a possible cure.
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Boston Globe
Mohamed Morsi sworn in as Egypt's first Islamist president
Los Angeles Times
Dressed in a dark suit and wearing a trimmed beard, he symbolized the region's rising political Islam even as the authority of his office has been diminished by the generals in charge of the transitional government. That was evident in his inauguration ...
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Militants Seek to Destroy Mali Shrines
New York Times
Timbuktu, once an Islamic seat of learning and the site of many significant mausoleums, is occupied by a militant group that has vowed to level them.
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Mali Islamists destroy holy Timbuktu sites
The Islamist Ansar Dine group backs strict sharia, Islamic law, and considers the shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam to be idolatrous. Sufi shrines have also been attacked by hardline Salafists in Egypt and Libya in the past year. The attack ...
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Change brings a new kind of first lady to Egypt
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
CAIRO -- Naglaa Ali Mahmoud wears an Islamic head covering that drapes down to her knees, did not attend college and never took her husband's last name, because that is a Western convention that few Egyptians follow. She also refuses the title of first ...
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Islam is the solution. Is it? Ask Egypt
Daily Pioneer
A year-and-a-half after the 'Lotus Revolution' that led to Hosni Mubarak's downfall, Egypt has a President but not a Parliament. Which way shall it go...
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The Electoral Victory of Political Islam in Egypt
Monthly Review
They support a form of "lumpen development" -- to use the term originally coined by André Gunder Frank -- that imprisons the societies concerned in a spiral of pauperization and exclusion, which in turn reinforces the stranglehold of reactionary ...
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Onetime aide to Muslim Brotherhood founder is witness to inauguration
Kansas City Star
Why can European nations have Democratic Christian parties but a party with the word Islamic in it is a threat, he asks no one in particular. Sharia or Islamic law means freedom, human rights and education, he insists. "I want you to understand Islam ...
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Islam forbids killing, bombings – Cleric
By mbgolu
Islam forbids killing, bombings – Cleric. On June 30, 2012 · In News. 5:52 pm. Tweet. Jos – Lt. Col Ishaq Rano, Assistant Director, Islamic Affairs of the Nigerian Army, says that killing and bombing of Churches by the Boko Haram sect is ...
Vanguard News
Timbuktu: Islamists destroy tomb of Muslim saint: Voice of Russia
Islamists have destroyed the mausoleum of a local Muslim saint Sidi Mahmoud Ben Amar, as well as two other shrines, in the Malian city of Timbuktu. ... Politics · Business · Society · Military news · Culture · Sports · Sci-Tech · Oddly enough ...
Voice of Russia, News - Maiden gay cruise to Muslim land hits Morocco snag
Organisers of an all-gay cruise on Saturday blamed Moroccan officials for the cancellation of what would have been the first visit of its kind to a Muslim country, but the tourism minister denied the ship was banned and said its passengers were.
XE Forex News

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