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Mali Islamists destroy more holy Timbuktu sites
The salafist Ansar Dine backs strict sharia, Islamic law, and considers the centuries-old shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam in Timbuktu to be idolatrous. Sufi shrines have been attacked by hard-line Salafists in Egypt and Libya in the past ...
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Muslim Persecution of Christians: May, 2012
FrontPage Magazine
Elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa—in Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, the Ivory Coast—wherever Islam and Christianity meet, Christians are being killed, slaughtered, beheaded and even crucified. Categorized by theme, May's assemblage of Muslim ...
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Islamist Militants in Mali Continue to Destroy Shrines
New York Times
The hard-line Salafi group Ansar Dine, which supports a puritanical version of Islamic law, consider the centuries-old Sufi shrines in Timbuktu to be idolatrous. About 30 militants armed with assault rifles and pickaxes destroyed three mausoleums on ...
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Egyptian views of Islam's role in new democracy
Already in early spring, there was broad acknowledgment of Islam's rising profile, especially in the political arena. Roughly two-thirds (66%) of Egyptians saw Islam playing a big role in national politics, up 19 points from 2010, when just 47% said ...
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Mali Says Rebel Tomb Desecration a War Crime
Voice of America
Toure said the destruction of tombs had nothing to do with Islam, adding that the Malian people will continue to defend their cultural values. "We know it is something unacceptable; it has nothing to do with religion; it's a violation of our culture ...
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Voice of America
Islamist Rebels Destroy 6 Mali Mausoleums, Vow To Smash The Remaining
RTT News
The militant 'Ansar Dine' group has threatened to destroy every mausoleum in the city, as building on graves is taboo in Islam. The al-qaeda linked outfit on Saturday reportedly vandalized three mausoleums -- of Sidi Mahmoud, Sidi Moctar and Alpha Moya ...
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Islam Forbids Killing, Bombings - Cleric
Jos — Lt. Col Ishaq Rano, Assistant Director, Islamic Affairs of the Nigerian Army, says that killing and bombing of Churches by the Boko Haram sect is forbidden in Islam. Rano, who spoke during the special Juma'at prayer to commemorate the 2012 ...
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Shahid Javed Burki The last stand
Business Standard
In Egypt, the West was made to believe that unless the military retained power, the country would be taken over by the forces of Islam, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood — and if that happened, it would deeply hurt the West's strategic interests in ...
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Timbuktu shrine destruction 'a war crime'
"It is Islam which is good," Ansar Dine spokesman Sanda Ould Boumama said when asked about the outpouring of anger and emotion over the destruction of the mausolea. "God is unique. All of this is haram (forbidden in Islam). We are all Muslims. UNESCO ...
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Islamists attack Timbuktu's world heritage site shrines
Sydney Morning Herald
ST PETERSBURG: Mali Islamic fundamentalists have ravaged fabled Timbuktu shrines for a second day, ignoring pleas by the UN cultural body UNESCO to stop the ''wanton destruction''. Irina Bokova, the director-general of the UN cultural body UNESCO, ...
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Sydney Morning Herald

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Islamists destroying Muslim shrines in Timbuktu, Mali | Ya Libnan ...
By Ya Libnan
Ya Libnan features frequently updated breaking news, world news, op-eds and features, live from Beirut, Lebanon. ... Islamists destroying Muslim shrines in Timbuktu, Mali. July 1, 2012 ⋅ 6:26 ... All of this is haram (forbidden in Islam). We are ...
Ya Libnan

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Passenger refuses to be served by a Muslim at ... - The Muslim News
The Muslim News on your PDA · Back to index. Issue 278, Friday 29 June 2012 - 9 Sha'ban 1433. Passenger refuses to be served by a Muslim at passport ...
Muslim Brotherhood Draws Up Plans to Islamize Egypt | #1 News ...
The Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt held a secret meeting last week in anticipation of Mohammed Morsi's expected presidential victory.
Who is the Real Muslim Brotherhood? | #1 News Site on the Threat ...
The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's presidential race is causing alarm in some quarters and satisfaction in others. There is a pervasive ...

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