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Libya releases detained ICC staff members
CBS News
Seif al-Islam was the most senior member of the ousted Qaddafi regime to be captured in last year's civil war. Long viewed as a likely heir-apparent to his father, he faces charges by the ICC of crimes against humanity. He was captured by a militia in ...
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CBS News
Libya releases international court staffers held in connection with Gadhafi ...
Washington Post
ZINTAN, Libya — Libya released on Monday four International Criminal Court staffers who had been held for nearly four weeks on allegations that they shared documents that could harm national security with Moammar Gadhafi's imprisoned son Seif al-Islam ...
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Timbuktu's Destruction: Why Islamists Are Wrecking Mali's Cultural Heritage
In the puritanical strain of Islam adhered to by Ansar Dine (and the Taliban), veneration of Sufi saints counts as idolatry, a heretical practice that cannot be tolerated. Militants bearing guns, pickaxes and shovels reduced to rubble the tomb of Sidi ...
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Mali Islamists Exert Control, Attacking Door to a Mosque
New York Times
Ansar Dine, which means defenders of the faith, preaches a strict form of Islam that advocates a total ban on alcohol, the flogging of adulterers and the imposition of Shariah, or Islamic law, on a part of Mali that has traditionally practiced ...
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New York Times
Islamist rebels in Mali destroy Timbuktu historic sites
Los Angeles Times
Radical Islamists affiliated with Al Qaeda used axes, shovels and automatic weapons to destroy tombs and other cultural and religious monuments in northern Mali for a third day on Monday, including bashing in the door of a 15th Century mosque in ...
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Libya ICC lawyer Melinda Taylor and colleagues fly out
BBC News
Saif al-Islam has been indicted by the ICC for crimes against humanity but Libya has insisted he should be tried by a Libyan court. The ICC team flew out on an Italian military aircraft following a two-hour drive from the town of Zintan, says the BBC's ...
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BBC News
Mali Islamist radicals raze more Timbuktu shrines
The Islamic faction, known as Ansar Dine, or "Protectors of the Faith," seized control of Timbuktu last week after ousting the Tuareg rebel faction that had invaded northern Mali alongside Ansar Dine's soldiers three months ago. Over the weekend ...
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Islam vs. History
National Review Online (blog)
Daniel Pipes writes on NRO: The Islamist destruction underway in Timbuktu (including the tomb of Sidi Mahmoudou, d. 955, and the doors of the Sidi Yahya Mosque, ca. 1400) raises a question: What is it about Islam that so often turns its adherents ...
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Morsi claims revolution's mantle
The Daily Advertiser
And its critics say the Islamic fundamentalist group has hijacked the movement that was led by secular and liberal youths, and abandoned demonstrators during deadly clashes with security forces in the months that followed Mubarak's February 2011 ouster.
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Read The Swiss Minaret Ban: Islam in Question | SISR / ISSR News ...
By GenSec
The most frequently mentioned motive of supporters of the initiative was the wish to give a clear signal against the expansion of Islam and the type of society associated with this religion. The vote's real objective was not the minaret as such.
SISR / ISSR News and Events ::...
The CFCM seeks to reform itself : Euro-Islam: News and Analysis on ...
By Euro-Islam
Euro-Islam: News and Analysis on Islam in Europe and North America. Looking for something in particular? Home · About Us · Projects · Affiliates · Sponsors · Past Research (2001-2003) · News Coverage · By Country · General News ...
Euro-Islam: News and Analysis...
Bangladesh in Ireland 2012: Shakib Al Hasan, Shafiul Islam return ...
Bangladesh have brought back Shakib Al Hasan and medium-pacer Shafiul Islam to their squad for the Twenty20 matches in Ireland and the Netherlands in July - Cricket news from from cricket in Bangladesh.
Cricket news from ESPN Cricinfo.com

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July 2, 2012, MEDIA « Muslim News Digest
In Media on July 2, 2012 at 7:44 am. 4th of July Message by A Muslim Girl Last Year ...
July 2, 2012, NEWS « Muslim News Digest
Aisha Ali, Muslim News UK. Natural Delights California prepares dates for Ramadan. Packer. The eco-mosque checklist- 7 steps to a greener mosque.

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