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Appreciating Islam's Contribution to Civilization
Huffington Post (blog)
Criticism of Muslims, when warranted, is a legitimate exercise in public discourse. But our national interests are ill-served if we only criticize and never appreciate.
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Guest commentary: In Muslim nations, democracy will eventually prevail
Detroit Free Press
Many people, both in the West and the Middle East, believe that a Western-style democratic government would preclude including Islamic principles. That's because in the past 40 years, throughout the Muslim world, Islamic law has become dominated by ...
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Mustafa Malik: Brotherhood seeks modernized Islam
The Providence Journal (blog)
"We are working humbly to carry on the da'wa (Islamization campaign) and strengthen (society's) Islamic roots." How the Brothers would go about its work would be decided in light of "our ijtihad, our situation and circumstances," added the Islamic ...
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Islamic terrorism on the rise in Africa
Times LIVE
From east to west Africa, a rise in Islamic extremism has led to a surge in deadly attacks and kidnappings by groups linked to Al-Qaeda.
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Times LIVE
A first among firsts: Embracing the hijab
Minneapolis Star Tribune
According to a recent interview in one of the Egyptian papers, the new first lady does not even like the title, saying, "Islam taught us that the next president is the first servant of Egypt; this means that his wife is also the servant of Egypt. Any ...
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Minneapolis Star Tribune
PBS Documentary Showcases Islam's Contribution to Civilization
Patheos (blog)
Nearly four in ten Americans hold an unfavorable view of Islam and Muslims. That number has remained steady since 9-11. Several factors contribute to this negative perception, certainly none greater than Muslims – albeit a few – who commit terrorism in ...
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Egypt, Islamist state
Ahram Online
Various US agencies had apparently reached the conclusion that the only way that the Islamists could reach power would be through revolution against the existing regimes, these being determined never to allow political Islam a margin for open and ...
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FIFA lifts ban on Islamic headscarves
Yahoo! Sports
From Yahoo! Sports: ZURICH (Reuters) - A ban on the use of the Islamic headscarf, or hijab, for Muslim women soccer players was lifted by the sport's rulemakers on Thursday. The garment had previously been banned due to safety concerns and because it ...
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Egypt police deny Islamists behind student murder
San Francisco Chronicle
photographs of the suspects show that one of the men has the mustache-less beard of ultraconservative Salafi Muslims, who follow a strict interpretation of Islam. Since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak from power last year in a popular uprising, the Salafi ...
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San Francisco Chronicle

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CA-NEWS: While Islamic weddings become popular it irritates the ...
CA-NEWS (UZ) - Most regions of Uzbekistan like Andijon, Ferghana, Namangan, Khorezm and Bukhara have faced lately revival of Islamic weddings. Islamic weddings differ from a traditional secular wedding by the following: refusal of ...
CA-NEWS : central asian news service

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