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Election Results in Libya Break an Islamist Wave
New York Times
"The Libyan people don't need either liberalism or secularism, or pretenses in the name of Islam, because Islam, this great religion, cannot be used for political purposes," he said. "Islam is much bigger than that." "Jibril is praying five times a day ...
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New York Times
Pakistan shuns physicist linked to 'God particle'
Houston Chronicle
Ahmadis believe their spiritual leader, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who died in 1908, was a prophet of God — a position rejected by the government in response to a mass movement led by Pakistan's major Islamic parties. By contrast, fellow Pakistani ...
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Analysts: US has no choice but to deal with Islamic groups
Detroit Free Press
The victories of Islamic parties in Egypt and elsewhere have forced the United States to engage with such groups, analysts said.
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Analysts: U.S. must deal with Islamic groups
Tucson Citizen
Analysts: U.S. must deal with Islamic groups - News from USA TODAY.
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Pakistan shuns prize-winning physicist linked to 'God particle' because of ...
Washington Post
Their plight — along with that of Pakistan's other religious minorities, such as Shiite Muslims, Christians and Hindus — has deepened in recent years as hard-line interpretations of Islam have gained ground and militants have stepped up attacks ...
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Early results suggest setback for Islamists in Libya
Boston Globe
But Jibril and his coalition also stood out from other opponents of Islamists around the region because they did not hurl accusations of extremism against those who called for Islamic law. Like the Islamists and almost every other major faction here ...
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Boston Globe
Pro-Western parties gain in Libyan elections
CBS News
Ultimately, the 200-seat parliament will face the task of forming a government — which could become tests of strength for Islamists and secular forces over questions such as women's rights, the extent of traditional Islamic law and relations with the ...
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CBS News
Egypt's new president challenges military leaders on parliament
Los Angeles Times
The move is the first provocative step by the newly elected president to confront Egypt's entrenched generals in what is shaping to be a protracted battle for power between a burgeoning political Islam and a secular old guard loyal to deposed leader ...
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'We cannot forgive her, God tells us to finish her': video shows public ...
Sydney Morning Herald
He then fires another six shots into her body as the crowd cheers wildly, shouting "Long live Islam", "Long live mujahideen (holy warriors)". The gunman then fires four more shots into her body. The government issued a statement on Sunday saying it ...
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Sydney Morning Herald

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Sudan's constitution to be 100 percent Islamic
Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir told a conference in Khartoum on Saturday that the new constitution of the country would be 100 percent Islamic.
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Islam ignites in Muslim majority Ethiopia | Islamic News Daily
For the first time in modern history, the leadership of Ethiopia's Muslim community , which ...
IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Islam ...
CAIRO - A new census has found that Islam is the fastest growing in the second- most-populous county in California, an increase that has brought new ...
Saudi police arrest prominent Shi'ite Muslim cleric - Yahoo! News
News: JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - A prominent Shi'ite Muslim cleric wanted for "sedition" was arrested in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province late on Sunday ...

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