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In Libya elections, lessons for Arab Spring
Christian Science Monitor
The Libya elections were a step forward for a bedraggled Arab Spring. They revive the region's cry for democracy and may set a model in how to accommodate Islam with individual rights.
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Christian Science Monitor
As Islamists Gain Influence, Washington Reassesses Who Its Friends Are
New York Times
11 attacks, Americans largely viewed the Middle East and Islam through the lens of the terrorism threat. The United States exercised stark judgments, encapsulated by President George W. Bush's warning to the world nine days after the attacks: "Either ...
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American Muslim preacher wins Islamic personality award in Dubai
Ibrahim Bumelha, Chairman of the Award Organising Committee, told the media on Tuesday Estes was chosen among a group of nominees for his unremitting efforts to spread and preach Islam's tolerant...
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Amid Egypt president-army struggle, it's unclear who's in charge
Los Angeles Times
Morsi is determined to herald an era of political Islam, which the generals view as a threat to Egypt's international stature as well as to their personal and business interests. The latest twist centers on the Islamist-dominated parliament, which the ...
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Los Angeles Times
Islam and democracy: The debate goes on
The Daily Star
Lebanon News :: Middle East News :: The Daily Star The Leading English Language Newspaper in Lebanon and the Middle-East.
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State Dept: Release pastor jailed for 1000 days, sentenced to death in Iran
It has been more than 1000 days since a Christian pastor was thrown into an Iranian jail for leaving Islam and sentenced to death for, as the U.S. State Department put it, "simply following his faith."
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In Libya, diverse coalition has edge over Islamists in elections
Los Angeles Times
This helped neutralize the Islam issue, so the [Muslim Brotherhood's] Justice and Construction Party could not distinguish itself from the competition as easily." About 1.8 million of 2.8 million registered voters, a turnout of nearly 65%, cast ballots ...
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Los Angeles Times
Libya chooses rebel 'prime minister' over Islamic parties
MAHMOUD Jibril, a former Gaddafi-era economics minister and the wartime political leader of the rebels, has taken a commanding lead in Libya's election, pushing the Muslim Brotherhood into second place.
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"Radical Islam" undermining Maldivian civil rights: Helios Life Association
Minivan News
"The growing political and institutional influence of radical Islamic groups has undermined the Maldives' progress towards realisation of rights guaranteed under [The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)]", according to a report ...
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Minivan News
The Rise and Threat of Radical Islam: An Interview with Brigitte Gabriel
Right Side News
With so much media attention in this country focused on the presidential race and the Supreme Court's ruling on ObamaCare, not enough attention is being paid to much of what is going on in the Middle East, and at the United Nations. Egypt has recently ...
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Islamophobia Watch - Documenting anti Muslim bigotry - Bad news ...
By Bob Pitt
Bad news for 'Islamisation' scaremongerers – even al-Qaeda doesn't seek to impose Islam everywhere. Date Monday, July 9, 2012. A common belief in the West is that al Qaeda wishes to impose Islam everywhere. This might be a pipe dream ...
Islamophobia Watch

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Islam: Cergy Muslims finally have their mosque - General news ...
Islam: Cergy Muslims finally have their mosque, Inaugurated today in Paris suburbs, 1.500 capacity, , General news, Ansa.
Children Being Used as Suicide Bombers by Taliban | #1 News Site ...
The New York Daily News reports that two children and a teenager were recently arrested in Afghanistan for carrying improvised bombs and remote-controlled ...

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