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Manitoba Liberals have first leadership candidate
A man who left Manitoba after his son was killed in the great flood of 1997 has returned and is aiming to become the next leader of the provincial Liberals.
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Six Liberals line up for Mary Jo Fisher's SA senate vacancy
The Australian
SIX candidates will slug it out over the next three weeks to fill a Liberal senate vacancy caused by the resignation of Mary Jo Fisher.
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Liberals and Walmart (WMT)
Wall Street Pit
There is a protest today in Los Angeles against the construction of a new Wal-mart in Chinatown. The store would be part of a mixed use development near a.
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Egypt's leftists, liberals form third force
Cairo: Alarmed over the potential creation of a theocracy or a military dictatorship in Egypt, liberals and leftists have launched an umbrella grouping charting a third way. "This grouping is the last chance to unify advocates of a secular state to ...
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Liberals need to stop lying about divorce
Fox News
In response to my recent column supporting young marriage, many leftists brought up what they believed to be a brilliant counter-point to my argument: the fifty percent divorce rate. Ironically enough, the one place where a fifty percent divorce rate ...
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How liberals/progressives ruined almost everything part 2
The Sunday Dispatch
Oh, let us count the ways. There are many. Here are four. Energy policy Over 700 coal miners were laid off last week just as the supposed blue-collar-union-loving Barack Obama planned when he … -
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The Sunday Dispatch
EDDIE LARD: Supreme Court rulings not just good for liberals
The Birmingham News - (blog)
"It's a great week for the libs," my editorial page colleague Joey Kennedy quipped after the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the Affordable Care Act. The high court's ruling came three days after the justices mostly eviscerated Arizona's tough ...
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Chief Justice Roberts 'flipped from conservative side that wanted to REJECT ...
Daily Mail
Multiple reports say Chief Justice John Roberts initially opposed the Affordable Care Act and sided with his conservative peers before 'defecting' to the liberals.
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Daily Mail

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"How Liberals Win" | protein wisdom
By Jeff G.
It's a stirring homage to corporatism from a caring liberal fascist who's made his peace with the necessity of liberal fascism, should one wish ever truly to be caring, as of course he is. After all, to get good things done you need good people ...
protein wisdom
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Sunday Question for Liberals. What do you see happening with immigration policy if Barack Obama wins a second term? Bookmark and Share. Posted by Jonathan Bernstein at 4:02 PM. Labels: immigration ...
A plain blog about politics
How Corporate Liberals Win
By Roderick
How Corporate Liberals Win. Jul 01. By Roderick. Bill Scher confesses that mainstream liberalism is essentially corporatist/fascist – but he thinks the bug is a feature. (CHT Christopher Morris.) Buffer ...
Austro-Athenian Empire

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