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Liberals split over co-operation with New Democrats
Globe and Mail
Centre and left political parties have concerns that vote-splitting will hand the Conservatives another victory in 2015 but not all Grits think it's the right solution.
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Globe and Mail
Former Manitoba Liberal adviser eyes party leadership
A former Liberal adviser who got an early taste for politics is considering a run for the leadership of the Manitoba Liberal Party.
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Comment: Why conservatives are happier than liberals
Los Angeles Daily News
And, no, it s not because they are richer or older than liberals. It s marriage, according to Arthur C. Brooks of the conservative think thank American Enterprise Institute.
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Hébert: Even without a decision, Justin Trudeau emerging as Liberal leadership ...
Hamilton Spectator
To run or not to run: While Justin Trudeau mulls his career options, other Liberal leadership contenders are quietly putting their own plans on ice.
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Liberal, thou Shalt Not…
First Things (blog)
So saith George Lakoff, Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at U.C. Berkeley, the most prominent advocate for the view, that so many hard-core liberals and professional Democrats seem to buy into, that politics is all about "narrative ...
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CBC readers split on Justin Trudeau's leadership potential
"All I know is, since Justin entered politics many people I know who haven't voted in over a decade proclaim their desire to vote will return when Justin Trudeau is running for Prime Minister as the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada ...
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Why are conservatives happier than liberals?
Hot Air
If lifestyle is the main component — e.g., married and religious people tend to be happier than singles and agnostics — then we'd expect moderates to be happier than liberals, fewer of whom have those lifestyle traits. But that's not what the numbers ...
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In Libya elections, liberals edging out Islamists
San Francisco Chronicle
While final results from Saturday's parliamentary election could still be days away under a two-tier selection system, unofficial and partial counts from Libya's biggest cities suggested liberal factions were leading the Muslim Brotherhood and allies ...
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San Francisco Chronicle
Tyrrell Column: Roberts May Well Have Pulled a Fast One on Liberals
NewsBusters (blog)
His usual opponents, the Liberals, celebrate him. The Chief Justice dodged the bullet. I think you can call him crafty, as Chief Justice John Marshall was crafty all those years ago when he wrote the decision for Marbury v. Madison. Roberts' decision ...
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Should Liberals Be Mad at Kagan and Breyer?
By Scott Lemieux
"In contrast to all the weeping and wailing that has accompanied what appears to be John Roberts' single significant defection since joining the court," writes Dahlia Lithwick, "liberals have been strangely silent—as they are always strangely ...
The American Prospect
Althouse: Why are conservatives so much happier than liberals?
By Ann Althouse
Studies show that they are (or at least think they are or say they are). But why? My first guess, without reading on in the article is that they mind their own business. They think taking care of their own work and family is enough, and liberals feel ...

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Jibril urges unity as Libya wraps up vote count - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Electoral authorities were finalising the vote count on Monday from Libya's first free polls in decades as an architect of the revolt that toppled ...

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