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Libya election: Liberals hold early lead
BEIJING, July 11 (Xinhuanet) -- Preliminary voting tallies in Libya indicate a surprise lead for the liberal "National Forces Alliance", over Islamist parties. Residents in the country's second largest city Benghazi said they're happy with how the ...
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Grasping for the Populist Mantle: The Conservative Response to 'How Liberals ...
Huffington Post
My argument that liberals should bargain with corporations and not outright fight them is not terribly populist. I wasn't expecting conservatives to use my piece as an opportunity to claim the populist mantle for themselves.
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Why liberals never get angry at the Supreme Court's liberal justices
Daily Caller
The liberal justices almost never break rank on big cases.
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Liberal Libyan bloc outpaces Islamists
Financial Times
A strong showing by a liberal political bloc led by a western-educated technocrat has defied expectations in Libyan elections. The Alliance of National Forces, a coalition of mostly liberal groups led by rebel government leader Mahmoud Jibril,
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Financial Times
Liberals propose 'third way' for oil sands. Will more follow?
Canada.com (blog)
OTTAWA — The Harper government's championing of oil sands development no matter the environmental cost has long angered many Canadians. More recently, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's comments about their development hurting Eastern Canada ...
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Canada.com (blog)
Gays, Liberals War vs. Brad Pitt's mom is pitiful
Sadly, some liberal activists are more interested in promoting a groupthink mentality where no dissent from left wing orthodoxy is allowed. So, wacko leftists like Michael Moore are encouraged to speak, while principled conservatives like Ann Coulter ...
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Dahlia Lithwick: Where is the liberal outrage against the Supreme Court?
Capital Times
In contrast to all the weeping and wailing that has accompanied what appears to be John Roberts' single significant defection since joining the court, liberals have been strangely silent — as they are always strangely silent — about the myriad ways ...
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Liberals say settlement to scrap Mississauga gas plant cost $180M
Toronto Star
It cost $180 million to cancel a Mississauga power plant that saved Liberal MPPs' seats during the last provincial election.
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Toronto Star
Levy: Liberals -- soft hearts, softer brains
Times Record News
Hallelujah, hallelujah, Obamacare is officially the law of the land,' proclaim liberals across the country.
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Liberals claim blacks don't like Romney in satirical NAACP video
One day before Mitt Romney speaks at the NAACP convention on July 11, a group of liberals posted a video on YouTube that claims black people do not like Romney.
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Liberals Protest Food Stamp Cuts in House Farm Bill | FDL News Desk
By David Dayen
The Senate already passed a farm bill that cut food stamps by around $4.5 billion.
Will the Health Care Cases Cause Liberals and Conservatives to ...
By Orin Kerr
The liberal side and the Democratic party adopted the first view, and the conservative side and the Republican party adopted the second view There have been plenty of exceptions, of course, both as to specific people and specific cases.
The Volokh Conspiracy
The Greatest Liberals In American History And What They Did For ...
By Stephen D. Foster Jr.
Republicans have villainized liberals for three decades now. They have made efforts over that period of time to tear apart the policies that liberals instituted since the founding of America. Many liberals sought to make this country the greatest ...
Addicting Info
Liberals Can't Say "Not In Our Name" Anymore About Drone Strikes ...
By John Hawkins
For the most part, the same shrieking ninnies who wanted to see George Bush on trial for war crimes have simply clammed up about Barack Obama continuing many of the policies they objected to so much in the first place. Still, there have ...
Right Wing News
Can the federal Liberals remain relevant? - Polls - Macleans.ca
By macleans.ca
Can the federal Liberals remain relevant? … by macleans.ca on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 2:32pm - 0 Comments. VIEW IN CLEAN READING MODE ». WHAT IS THIS ? Here at Maclean's, we appreciate the written word. And we appreciate you, ...

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Libya's liberals claim they lead in historic election - CSMonitor.com
Officials from two other parties back up the claim, but the election commission refused to comment as Saturday's votes are still being counted.
Establishment Liberals Race Bait Goldman Sachs Candidate ...
Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com. July 10, 2012. A liberal group headed up by a former New Times ...
Libya's liberals claim early election lead - Aljazeera
Rival party leader and unofficial media reports concur with National Forces Alliance claim of early electoral advantage.

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