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Liberals pay high price for gas fiasco
Toronto Star
Dalton McGuinty is paying the price for his crass and craven plan to cancel a Mississauga power plant in mid-campaign and mid-construction.
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Toronto Star
Yaffe: Liberals claim middle ground in oilsands controversy
Vancouver Sun
Liberals this week promised a compromise position on Alberta's oilsands, in contrast to the Conservatives'
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Liberals sweep party seats in east Libya: partial tally
Liberals sweep party seats in east Libya: partial tally. By Dominique Soguel (AFP) – 59 minutes ago. TRIPOLI — Libya's Islamists suffered a major defeat on their eastern hometurf with preliminary results Wednesday giving a net advantage to a liberal ...
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Opposition leader Jibril's liberals hold early lead
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
TRIPOLI — Liberal parties held a lead on Wednesday in partial results from Libya's first parliamentary election, on the same day that the head of the interim government stated his country would not be ruled by Islamists. Up to now Islamists have taken ...
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The liberal Obama that never was
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Westhampton Beach, N.Y. - It was a Romney weekend in the Hamptons. He went to three fundraisers, reportedly hauling in more than $3 million from the terrified rich who, living in their various versions of a seaside Versailles, fear the socialist ...
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Rep. West: Liberals believe in a 'hammock,' not a 'safety net'
The Hill
There is a lot of talk about economic "safety nets" these days, but according to Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.
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Signs point to early Quebec election, outcome uncertain
Paper says Quebec premier wants Sept. 4 election* Polls show ruling Liberals tied with separatistsBy David LjunggrenJuly 11 (Reuters) - There are growing signs that QuebecPremier Jean Charest will.
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Chris Bentley says Liberal campaign ordered Mississauga gas plant killed
Toronto Star
The Liberal re-election campaign – not the government – made the controversial decision to scrap a $180-million Mississauga gas-fired plant.
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Toronto Star
McGuinty buying Liberal seats with gas plant move
Toronto Sun
It's called the Liberal seat saver program. In the midst of last October's election, the Liberals were under the gun. With a minority government looming, they cancelled a controversial gas-fired power plant in Mississauga, saying they would "move" it.
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Libyan liberals outdo Islamists
Partial vote tallies suggest that Libya may buck the regional Islamist trend.
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Of liberals, secularists, Islamists and other labels - Blog - The Arabist
By Issandr El Amrani
I want to discuss here the labels assigned to Arab political parties and politicians (if you want to get to that directly skip till the end of the following quotes), but before let me point out what started this post — a fine piece by Nasser Rabbat on ...
The Arabist
Libya's liberals call for civil state, reject political Islam | The Raw Story
By Agence France-Presse
TRIPOLI — A top member of Libya's liberal coalition, which claims to have swept 70 percent of seats reserved for parties in the next congress, on Wednesday rejected political Islam and called for a civil state. "The National Forces Alliance is ...
The Raw Story
Neo-liberals on bikes … | Bill Mitchell – billy blog
By bill
The point is that the Australian Greens perpetuate neo-liberal views and fail to understand that to full implement is broader social-ecological agenda there needs to be a fundamental change in the macroeconomic understandings that the ...
Bill Mitchell - billy blog
Love tweets to Brad Pitt's mom: Liberals provide another lesson in ...
By Howard Portnoy
Love tweets to Brad Pitt's mom: Liberals provide another lesson in civility.
The Greenroom
Liberals don't trust TV news | BlueNC
By mbrock49
The survey showed an interesting political split. Overall, Democrats were much more likely than Republicans to trust TV news (34 percent versus 17 percent.) But self-identified liberals were the most disenchanted of all groups, with just 19 ...
BlueNC blogs

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