Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Making a Case for Progressive Values in Patriotic Terms
Burnt Orange Report
Thanks to our friends at Upworthy for sending out this timely reminder of progressive patriotism. Remember folks, just because someone wears a tri-cornered hat and preaches about liberty, that doesn't necessarily mean they truly embody American values.
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Your View: 'Greed' evident in entitlements as well as commerce
Progressives portray many goods and services as human rights. Housing is a human right. Food is a human right. Education is a human right. A cellphone is a human right. A car is a human right. Water and energy are human rights. Not to be offended by ...
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Politika, Serbia: US wants coalition between democrats and progressives
Focus News
Belgrade. Philip Reeker, Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, arrived Tuesday on a three-day visit to Serbia, writes Politika daily.
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SNS, URS: Govt. with Democrats unrealistic
SNS, URS: Govt. with Democrats unrealistic. Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug. BELGRADE -- The Serb Progressives (SNS) and the United Regions of Serbia (URS) have stated that a coalition between the Progressives and Democrats (DS) is not possible. Tweet ...
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APGA crises: A party on self-destruct?
Nigerian Tribune
Recently, when the founding national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Chekwas Okorie, said that the spirit of the party had left it while what remained was a mere ghost, many of his opponents dismissed his claim as ranting ...
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LDP calls for concrete solutions to country's problems
The party believes that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and United Regions of Serbia (URS) should offer solutions for the problems that the Serbian society was facing instead of talking about negotiations on the new ...
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Does the Declaration of Independence Still Matter? (blog)
Woodrow Wilson, one of the most famous early progressives, argued during the 1912 presidential campaign that "all that Progressives ask or desire is permission…to interpret the Constitution according to the Darwinian principle," meaning that it should ...
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The Season of Electoral Angst
In These Times
Their answers were starkly different, but on one point they were in agreement: Beyond election cycle tactics, progressives need a broader, long-term political strategy. There's been concern about co-optation of Occupy by the Obama campaign. What impact ...
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US official to meet with DS leader
Tweet. Philip Reeker (Tanjug). The U.S. official, who will stay in Belgrade until July 5, talked to Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), United Regions of Serbia (URS) and Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) representatives on ...
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Peter Dreier: Progressives Should Take Back the Flag
By Peter Dreier
The flag, as a symbol of the nation, is not owned by the administration in power, but by the people. We battle over what it means, but all Americans -- across the political spectrum -- have an equal right to claim the flag as their own.
President Obama on Huffington Post

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Progressives, does it bother you that the Satanic empire will rise ...
look at the don't tread on me flag, a defiant and rebellious serpent. followers of ... Er, no, in part because it never rose the first time. What are you smoking?

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