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In defense of "progressive"
The Seattle Times
Blogger Jim Miller posted on the Seattle conservative blog Sound Politics July 5 a piece calling out the Seattle Times editorial board for describing some Seattle political candidates as "progressives." He writes: "Their term leaves me slightly ...
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Connecticut's Progressives In For Rude Surprise with Obamacare
Connecticut Business News Journal (blog)
Why would Connecticut's progressives be in favor of ceding local and personal control – of their health care to the largest institution on the planet, the US Federal Government?By definition and as discussed within the abortion and birth control pi.
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Radical Progressives: How Tides Washes the Left's Money
Guardian Express
In 2010, a collection of the most radical progressive organizations in the United States received a total of $113900000 in charitable donations, all stemming from one foundation: Tides– the grant-making non-profit that has been taking care of liberals ...
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Guardian Express
Some white progressives have turned racist - NUMSA
As NUMSA we can come to no other conclusion, but to accept that some White progressives of yesteryear have become racist and colonialist in their outlook since the advent of our new democratic dispensation. The likes of Zapiro and Brett Murray can no ...
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The Picking-a-President Dilemma
This year an unknown number of progressive Democrats might feel they are facing a similar dilemma. The level of disappointment with Barack Obama among progressives is palpable. He has carried on his predecessor's attack on civil liberties, bailed out ...
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SNS, SPS, URS coalition agreement on July 10
BELGRADE -- Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Serb Progressive Party (SNS) and United Regions of Serbia (URS) leaders have agreed to sign a coalition deal on July 10. Tweet. A file photo of Ivica Dačić and Aleksandar Vučić addressing reporters (Tanjug) ...
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URS official: Government to be formed by August
She also announced that a coalition agreement between the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and URS would be signed soon. "It is clear we will have to constitute parliament, choose speaker and deputy speakers and then to ...
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Tripartite meeting on alliance to form Serbia's new government Business News
The three political parties currently negotiating an alliance to form Serbia's new government have concluded their bilateral meetings and now have plans to meet together.The Serb Progressives (SNS), Socialists (SRS), and the United Regions of Serbia.
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Smart people saying smart things
Patheos (blog)
While progressives and labor are arguing, sometimes viciously, over labor's current sorry state, one thing progressives haven't done is serious self-examination on how and where this abandonment of labor manifests itself, how it affects the very ...
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Ian Reifowitz: Obama's America: How Progressives Should Talk ...
By Ian Reifowitz
What we cannot do, what Douglass himself did not do as seen in the conclusion to his 1852 speech, is cede patriotism and an embrace of America to the right wing.
Barack Obama on Huffington Post

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Madison360: Progressives can't take younger voters for granted
Thanks for being a frequent visitor to . You have now viewed of your FREE premium pages this 30-day period. After you have viewed FREE ...
No wonder "Progressives" are Such Miserable People | Weer'd World
Nope, while "Progressives" are quick to speak ill of Christians for their faith, they MUST believe in whatever the bullshit term for the moment in that the world is ...

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