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Progressive Baptists Rally Support for Gay Marriage Ahead of Nov. Elections
Christian Post
As the same-sex marriage debate intensifies among various Christian denominations in the United States, a group of Baptist progressives is seeking to unite members who oppose the traditional definition of marriage before the November elections.
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'The Newsroom,' Process, and Progressive Triumph
As much as I'm not enjoying The Newsroom, recapping it for Press Play has actually helped me clarify some things that I care about in progressive television. I don't just want to see progressives or progressive-coded characters win because they're ...
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Column: Conservative or progressive?
LaSalle News Tribune
Some folks in the Illinois Valley recently brought to my attention that my prior columns attempting to define the differences between conservatism and progressivism kind of flew over their heads, so to speak. At first, I felt bad about it. I wondered ...
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Progressive privilege: Divide and conquer by race
Human Events
The United States today may be the most color-blind society in history. We're a country led by a black president, with legal guarantees of equal rights for all. Racist groups are almost non-existent, and are more likely to invite ridicule than to ...
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Human Events
Letter: Freedom takes work
Anderson Independent Mail
Another group, although not usually associated with progressives, is essential to the first group. These are people who willingly give up their freedoms to receive government benefits (welfare, food stamps, Medicaid) they consider to be free. In return ...
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Has Barber decided to ignore progressives?
Tucson Citizen
Has Barber decided to ignore progressives? - In The Aggregate – Arizona's political blogs.
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Serbia Nationalists Seal Deal On New Govt
Eurasia Review
Leaders of three parties – the Progressives, Socialists and United Regions of Serbia, have signed an agreement to form a new government and outlined its priorities. Two months after the May general elections, Serbia has an official agreement on a new ...
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Serbian Parties to Sign Accord to Form Coalition Government
The Progressive Party of President Tomislav Nikolic, the Socialists of Prime Minister Designate Ivica Dacic and the United Regions of Serbia of former Deputy Prime Minister Mladjan Dinkic, will sign the coalition agreement at 5 p.m. in Belgrade today ...
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Glenn Beck Examines George Lakoff's Progressive 'Little Blue Book ...
By Tiffany Gabbay
On Monday The Blaze explained the contents of the "Little Blue Book," a volume that is being hailed a "game-changer" and a "precious gift" to progressives. Written by U.C. Berkeley professor George Lakoff, a Democratic strategist, and ...
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New Playbook: Van Jones admits progressives are manipulating the ...
The progressives have a long history of using propaganda and manipulation in order to influence the public. When he was back on FOX News, Glenn would ...

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