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A Conservative-Progressive Carbon Tax Plot?
Reason Online (blog)
Representatives from the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and a number of environmentalist activist groups met behind closed doors yesterday apparently for the fifth time to plot the imposition of a carbon tax as a way to address man ...
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Reason Online (blog)
As Romney Embraces Judicial Extremism, Supreme Court Is a Winning Issue for ...
Huffington Post
A national poll released this week shows that in the wake of a number of blockbuster decisions, the Supreme Court can be a winning issue for progressives in 2012. By big margins, Americans trust President Obama much more than they trust Mitt Romney to ...
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Siding With the 1%?
Huffington Post
Four years ago, the hard work of progressives handed Barack Obama a decisive electoral victory. Appalled by eight lost years during which the rich had gotten richer and the poor poorer, while America lost ground by almost every measure, progressives ...
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Phil Gaeta: We cannot tax our way out of irresponsible spending
Conway Daily Sun
Democratic progressives complain that the N.H. legislators are tearing apart one program at a time. The reason they are modifying or eliminating programs is because the budget they inherited was bleeding red ink. Progressives think that throwing money ...
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Progressive Pocan
Metro Weekly
While Wisconsin's capital city, Madison, is often dismissed by conservatives, including the state's Republican governor, as a liberal bastion out-of-step with the rest of the state, the college town has provided the perfect atmosphere for out gay state ...
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Serbia's Victorious Progressives Struggle To Fill Ministries - Analysis
Eurasia Review
"Several ministries, especially those belonging to the Progressives, will have no ministers due to the lack of professional personnel," noted Serbia's satirical site on July 11, one day after leaders of three parties, the Progressives ...
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Interview with progressive talk show host Kenny Pick
There is a small but growing band of progressive devotees who donate their time, equipment and talents to airing home-based progressive political talk shows on.
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New in gallery town
Indian Express
New in gallery town - The last time the legendary Bombay Progressive Artists Groups' works were exhibited in Mumbai was in 1949, at the Bombay Art Society Salon in Kala Ghoda's Ram.
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Northern Reflections: Progressives and Regressives
By Owen Gray
It is between Progressives and Regressives: Regressives want to take this nation backward — to before Social Security, unemployment insurance, and Medicare; before civil rights and voting rights; before regulations designed to protect the ...
Northern Reflections

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The 100 greatest progressives of the 20th Century | The Daily Caller
Matt K. Lewis is a senior contributor to The Daily Caller and is editor of the book: " The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin In Her Own Words." Matt has ...
Regressives and Progressives: A new brand of partisanship ...
This election is not merely about Republicans versus Democrats; the larger battle is between regressives and progressives. Regressives want to take this nation ...
Why No, Progressives Are Not Automatically Required To Love ...
Why No, Progressives Are Not Automatically Required To Love Women Candidates. The 2008 election became the scene of some fascinating positioning and ...

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