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Tea Party still warming up to Mitt Romney
CBS News
CBS Evening News: Tea Party still warming up to Mitt Romney - At the annual Tea Party convention, there is still passionate opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
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CBS News
Court jolts snoozing tea party
The Detroit News
It was President Barack Obama doing the victory dance after the Supreme Court upheld his health care legislation, but the ruling makes it more likely Mitt Romney will be standing in the winner's circle in November.
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A tea party battle cry
Daily Caller
If Obamacare is implemented in a second Obama administration, America will never recover.
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On The Record's Tea Party Infomercial
News Hounds
In the wake of the Supreme Court's upholding of health care reform, On The Record's "liberal" host Greta Van Susteren wondered, "What is the Tea Party planning now?" Had Van Susteren done a simple Google search, she probably would have found out at ...
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Plumbing New Depths of Inanity in the Tea Party Crowd
Having said that, I have to say that the so called "rock-ribbed" conservative crowd -- let's change that to "rock-headed" -- that serves as the foot-soldiers for the Koch-brothers-funded Tea Party "movement" are really low-wattage. Back in 2008-2010 ...
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Hallmark apologizes for graduation cards attacking Tea Party
The greeting card giant Hallmark issued an apology over a graduation card that attacks the Tea Party, WND reported Saturday. On the front, the card shows a pict.
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Tea party still calls shots for the GOP
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Tuesday was another banner day for tea party conservatives. Really? Despite Sen. Orrin Hatch's easy renomination in Utah over a tea party challenger? Yup. Remember that the goal for.
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Political Report, Wayne Greene: Tea party voice amplified in Republican politics
Tulsa World
Brian Crain (left) and Clark Jolley: The influential state senators withstood challenges from tea-party-supported candidates in primary elections last week. The question now: How much will the tea party be able to influence Crain and Jolley in the next ...
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Tulsa World
Rome Tea Party focuses on Constitution, education
Rome News Tribune
Rome Tea Party focuses on Constitution education - For political organizers like Mike Morton who helped form and continues to lead the local Tea Party organization the stereotype of "radical conservative" isn't quite true. Instead he said the T...
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Join Us Now Live with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann | Tea ...
... Now Live with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Comments in this section are not endorsed, nor authorized by Tea Party Patriots, Inc. If you feel a comment needs our attention, please click the 'flag' button located beneath the comment.
Tea Party Patriots | Site Wide Activity
tea party 1776
By Sam Pizzigati
America's revolutionary generation, new research documents, lived in a society much more equal than our own.
d r i f t g l a s s: June, 2024: At the New Tea Party Rally
By driftglass
June, 2024: At the New Tea Party Rally. Posted by driftglass at 7/01/2012 01:33:00 AM. No comments: Post a Comment · Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) · Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a ...
d r i f t g l a s s
At Hallmark Graduation Is a Time to Attack the Tea Party | The ...
By Jim Hoft
Hallmark, the greeting-card company that lays claim to making "the world a more caring place," is under fire for producing a graduation card emblazoned with an image of Barack Obama that warns graduates to stay away from the tea party.
The Gateway Pundit

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Fears fuel kinship at tea party convention | The Columbus Dispatch
Tea party members are alone and scared — and to them, that's a good thing.
Does Hallmark Card Bash Tea Party? | FOX News & Commentary ...
So the Tea Party activist wrote about the card and posted images on his website. He also decided to fire off an email to Hallmark – but so far – the company has ...

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