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Tea Party activists: Romney best hope to end "Obamacare"
CBS News
Ohio Tea Party activists look to Romney to end Obama's health care plan even while expressing reservations about him Read more by Rodney Hawkins on CBS News' Political Hotsheet.
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CBS News
Tea Party gearing up for elections
Dayton Daily News
COLUMBUS — Ohio Tea Party members want you to know the movement is not dead but very much alive heading into the 2012 election season.
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Tea Party Govs Say 'No' to Medicaid Expansion | The Nation
The Nation. (blog)
Over a million people will be denied medical coverage if the two states opt out, but the battle is far from over.
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The Nation. (blog)
Tea party leader criticizes Romney campaign: 'Is it too late to switch?'
Washington Times (blog)
The leader of a national tea party group suggested Monday that Republican might want to start exploring whether it is too late to replace Mitt Romney atop the party's ticket after one of the campaign's top advisers argued that the individual mandate in ...
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Washington Times (blog)
GOP 'freshmen are in good shape'
That wave — fueled in large part by Tea Party momentum and campaign pledges of fiscal conservatism — is unlikely to recede in 2012 far enough to give Democrats the opportunity to regain control of the chamber. "A lot of the freshmen are in good shape ...
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This (tea) party is not over, folks
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Taxed Enough Already . It's been a simple enough message for the past 3 1/2 years, yet the movement behind the motto has sparked innumerable deliberations as to the purpose and motivations of those within the movement. Critics paint the tea party as ...
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Tea Party still warming up to Mitt Romney
WTSP 10 News
"I believe that Governor Romney's support will increase among the grass roots people, Tea Party or not, simply because there is a lot of very vocal emotional opposition to the idea of federal mandated and controlled health care," Vessenes said. The ...
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WTSP 10 News
Tea Partiers Rally Against Obamacare
Members of the Middlesex Tea Party and Bayshore Tea Party teamed up to voice their opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
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Supreme Court's Arizona SB 1070 Ruling Flares Tea Party Nativism
Tea Party Nativism Flares with the Supreme Court's ruling on SB 1070 and the Obama Administration's directive on undocumented youth.
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Supreme Court Jolts Snoozing Tea Party
By Nolan Finley, Detroit News
The High Court's Obamacare decision gave Romney something he'd been searching for since locking up the Republican presidential nomination: a match he can use to light a fire under the sluggish tea party movement. Read Full Article » ...
RealClearPolitics - Homepage
Tom Smith, Pennsylvania Senate Candidate, Praises Tea Party ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania praised a local Tea Party member who had just compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler during a rally over the weekend.
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed
The Tea Party's Selective Disdain for Transportation Subsidies ...
By Angie Schmitt
Tea party lawmakers from rural areas were among those fighting the hardest to preserve taxpayer subsidies for airline flights into and out of small towns last year after senior Republicans tried to eliminate the oft-criticized program. Now, the ... » Network Roundup
Tea-party honcho: Fire 'senior management' to save U.S.
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Carl Packman: Gay Rights and the Tea Party
By Carl Packman
Perhaps there's something interesting within conservatism that appeals to gay marriage, rather than the stock criticism that conservatives and gay marriage are as oppositional as Jeremy Hunt and truth-telling.
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